How PurePrivacy makes your Twitter experience more private and secure

01 – Making your privacy options easy to understand

Privacy settings on Twitter are not always obviously visible, and the user often has to sift through long articles online to understand how to alter the settings. PurePrivacy helps by going through your settings and letting you know how each option impacts your privacy. This process helps empower you to choose who has access to your data.

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02 – With PurePrivacy, you always have the right to choose

PurePrivacy stands to put the decision in the hands of the users. This is why the user is always in the driver’s seat, while PurePrivacy acts as a guide to help the user understand how their data may be compromised. After you connect your Twitter account to PurePrivacy, it is thoroughly analyzed for any possible data breaches.

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03 – Your data reamains your own

PurePrivacy is committed to providing its users with privacy and security, which extends to all the information that the user shares with us. All your usernames and passwords you provide to us will remain hidden to us, and we won’t be able to use them or make changes to them.

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04 – The power remains in the user’s hands

PurePrivacy provides the user with a large number of recommendations, with the option to apply them all with a single click. However, if at any point you feel that you would like to reverse some of those changes, you can always do so with an ‘undo’ button. The activity feed and weekly briefing also helps you keep track of all the changes made.

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