How To Remove Your Phone Number from Line In 2024

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  • 2 April 2024
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Table of Content

Table of Contents

You may want to update the linked phone number with your new one when you move to a new country using the LINE app. If you're reading this, the "Invalid Phone Number" message may continue showing up. 

This results from your LINE app continuing to be connected to your previous location. Following this easy guide, you can switch your phone number to your new number.

What is Line App?

LINE is the world's fastest-growing mobile messenger app that connects you with your friends and family. You can take advantage of free video calls, voice calls, and messages at any time, anywhere.

Why Should You Remove Your Phone Number from Line?

Changing your phone number on LINE will help you stop receiving spam calls or messages and prevent your data from being stolen. 

A data breach on the messaging app Line exposed a lot of personal data. According to LY Corp., 440,000 pieces of personal information, including users' age, gender, and incomplete service usage histories, were exposed in the data breach.

The Line uses your phone number for two-factor authentication. Your account security would be strengthened if you update your compromised old number so that only your new number receives verification codes.

How to Remove Your Phone Number from Line

If you want to remove your phone number from the line app follow these steps. 

Step 1: Open your line app on your mobile phone and tap more.

Step 2: Tap settings.

Step 3 After getting into the settings tab accounts.

Step 4: Select the phone number. This will show you your registered phone number online app click next.

Step 5: To change your previous number type a new phone number and tap on verify the phone number.

Step 6: A notification will pop up saying a verification code will be sent to this number via text message click ok.

Step 7: Enter the verification code and tap next.

How to Transfer Line Chat From an iOS Device to an Android Device

We have all had the experience of wanting to seek up a specific message from one of our chats. What would happen if you purchased a new phone but yet desired to preserve all of your previous LINE conversations? 

Even if you get a new phone, we can make it simple for you to maintain all of the messages. You can protect those priceless communications by downloading MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer.

Getting Your Phone Number Unlinked from Line Account

You won't be able to unregister your phone number from your LINE account once you've done so, at least not in the conventional manner. You'll need your Facebook account and a chat history backup if you want your number erased or changed because doing so requires uninstalling the LINE app. To unlink your phone number, follow these steps.

Step 1: Go to More > Settings in the LINE app, then tap Accounts.

Step 2: Press the Link button once you see the Facebook logo. It will request that you sign into your Facebook account. Permission must be granted to connect Facebook to the LINE app.

Step 3: Proceed to remove the LINE app from your device once you notice that the Link option has been replaced with Unlink.

Step 4: Reinstall it after that. The links for iOS and Android are provided here. Open the LINE app after reinstallation.

Step 5: After tapping LINE User Login, tap Facebook (re-login if necessary).

Step 6: If you are prompted to input a PIN and lack one, simply enter the final four digits of the phone number that was previously linked to your LINE account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does the LINE app require your phone number for access?


    On the LINE app, go to Home > Settings > Account to register a phone number. Note: As of LINE version 13.11.0, users of such accounts can access LINE STORE and register for LINE accounts in some regions without providing a phone number.

  • Is it possible to delete my phone number from the LINE app?


    Yes, it's possible. You will need assistance from your Facebook account and a copy of your conversation history if you wish to get your number erased or changed because doing so requires deleting the LINE program.

  • How do I change my Line app's country number?


    Select Log in > Log in with another method > Log in with your phone number when you launch LINE. 6. Select the desired phone number and country, review the terms and conditions of use and privacy statement, and then click OK or Send.

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Ensure Your Line Account Security!

It is up to you to decide what your priorities are when it comes to changing your LINE phone number. It can provide you comfort to update your number if you're experiencing harassment or if you just want more security. 

On the other hand, be ready to notify contacts, handle any possible interruptions in group conversations, and take notes. Consider all the options before deciding if signing up for a new number and starting over on LINE is the right choice for you.