Send Recurring Opt-Out Requests to ‘200+’ Data Brokers

Over 6 million user accounts are breached every 3 months. Data brokers collect your personal online data without your permission. Let’s protect your privacy by telling them to delete it.

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How is it helpful?

Prevent Financial Frauds ($12.5 Billion Loss in 2023)

Most Americans are victims of online crimes, phishing attacks, and data theft. With PurePrivacy, you can track, delete, and remove personal information from the internet.

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Fight Data Harvesters, Malicious Actors, and Cybercriminals

Protect your data (username, email address, home address, IP address) from prying eyes & delete personal information using automated removal requests.

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Save Time and Hassle With Automations

Let us do the legwork for you. Avoid searching manually or sending emails for data removal after you sign up for PurePrivacy.

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Get a Clear View of Data Removal Cycles

Effortlessly track upcoming data removal cycles, past requests, and the completion dates of your opt-out requests.

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How does it work?


Setup your profile.


Run a privacy scan.


Give us consent to remove your data.

Reclaim your data with complete ease

Don’t be a Target Victim

Organized crime groups are behind 40% of all data breaches. Reduce the risk of online frauds by successfully removing your data.

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Don’t Wait for Another Data Leak

First American Corporation leaked 885 million financial records. Stop exposing your information. Secure your personal data.

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We are constantly adding more data brokers to our dashboard

PurePrivacy fights for your privacy, regardless of local regulations. We help remove your data, even if websites aren’t GDPR or CCPA compliant.

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Don’t Let Your Data Fall in the Wrong Hands

Prevent data brokers from selling your data to advertising agencies and highest bidders.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Why do I need to remove my data from the internet?


    Almost anything and everything you do on the internet is tracked and logged, what you search for, what you browse and your personal information. All of this is used to profile and target you through tailored advertisements.

    Some entities called Data Brokers collect and compile data about individuals from every and any source, then these Data Brokers sell this data to advertisers or anyone who is willing to pay up.

  • Why do I have to sign the Authorization form?


    We need your authorization to be able to request data brokers on your behalf to remove any data that they might have about you

  • Why should I choose PurePrivacy for data removal?


    PurePrivacy data removal can help remove your personal information from over 130+ brokers with automated requests so you don’t have to worry about your data getting into the wrong hands.

  • How does Remove My Data Work?


    PurePrivacy’s remove my data feature works by first taking your details and authorization to act on your behalf to request data brokers to remove any data they might have on you. Then we send out repeating automated requests to companies to remove that data and inform you when it has been removed.