Take control of your privacy
on social media

How does social media affect you?

Social media users are tracked far more than they realize.
Ever been in the following situations?


Why choose PurePrivacy

Here are some reasons why PurePrivacy is the right choice for your security needs

Manage your privacy

Consent and privacy are essential for your digital wellbeing
and security against hackers, scammers and cybercriminals.
Control your privacy settings for all your social accounts
from one secure location and choose who gets access
to your digital space.

Maintain security against third parties

Data tracking is an incredibly intrusive way to manipulate
you, influence your digital choices, and keep tabs on your
habits for their marketing purposes. Prevent social media
and outside apps from tracking your online behavior and
avoid targeted ads.

search history

PurePrivacy helps erase your search history so you can
browse on your terms, without being constantly tracked.
Clearing your search history should be routine for anyone
who cares about privacy, cookies, clearing caches, and
maintaining a healthy digital lifestyle.

Easily archive and delete old posts

Archiving or deleting each and every separate post you don’t
wish to see anymore can be time consuming and
inconvenient. Save time by archiving or deleting your social
network posts all at once with PurePrivacy.

Here’s how PurePrivacy works

Protect yourself and your information in a few simple steps

Offers one platform for all your privacy needs

The average user engages with at least 6 social media platforms and changing settings on different accounts can be time consuming and inconvenient.

PurePrivacy is a one-stop, fuss-free solution that helps you secure your privacy and data on all different platforms from one location.

It simply analyzes your social media privacy settings and offers powerful recommendations that suit your needs.


Helps you understand your options

Social media privacy policies are lengthy and hard to navigate, while privacy settings are confusing and hidden deep within the platform.

PurePrivacy recommends settings based on how vulnerable your privacy settings make you so you can make an informed decision on what you are willing to share.

Stops advertisers from tracking you

Privacy violations are rife on social media. Everything from your bio data, location, browsing habits gets tracked on most platforms and by third parties.

PurePrivacy shows you exactly who is storing your data, how you’re being tracked online and how to prevent it so you can provide consent to your information being shared or not.


Zero knowledge proof

Many users are wary of social logins due to privacy concerns.

Don’t worry, PurePrivacy will never see or save your login details. We’re in the business of privacy and keeping what’s yours, yours, on the internet. With PurePrivacy, all you have to do is connect your account and choose the level of security you want. We will never use your data, share, or even see it.

Take control
of your privacy on social media

Secure your digital space and keep track of what you want others to see with PurePrivacy

Frequently asked questions

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  • What is PurePrivacy?


    PurePrivacy is a secure social media auditor (SMA) that analyzes your current privacy settings, recommends changes, and helps you automatically keep your data safe.

  • Do I need an account to use PurePrivacy?


    No, you can start using PurePrivacy as a guest. This allows you to connect your social media accounts, scan them, look for data breaches and get recommendations to maintain your online privacy.

  • How does PurePrivacy work?


    PurePrivacy connects and scans your social media account settings. It lets you select the level of security you wish to maintain for your accounts, and provides you with recommendations that you can act upon with a single tap. All these recommendations can be accessed from your personalized dashboard at all times.

  • Do I need to be tech-savvy to use PurePrivacy?


    No, PurePrivacy does not require you to be a security expert. Instead, we make it very simple for you by analyzing and recommending actions that you can take with the tap of a button and increase your privacy.