Ever felt that
‘ads are following you’
on the internet?

Websites you visit may be tracking your online activity,
but Tracker Blocker (beta) can put a stop to this with a single tap.


How can it help me?

Protect your identity

Your details about you could be used to profile you and
target you based on your demographic. Tracker Blocker (beta)
makes sure that your details do not fall into the hands
of the wrong people.

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Use your smart phone freely

You no longer need to be cautious when using your smartphone. With all your browsing details remaining private, you can visit any website and use any app you like.

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Stop seeing targeted ads

Your home address, phone numbers, and email addresses
can be used to put you at risk. Having data brokers remove
your information mitigates this risk.

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How it works?


Click on Tracker Blocker (beta) in your dashboard and turn on the toggle


Tap “Allow Configuration” in the app when it shows up


Enable the system to set up a VPN connection

Tracker management made easy

View all the trackers that have been blocked

Check out the number of blocked trackers at a glance in the PurePrivacy app.

Let it work in the background

Tracker Blocker (beta) seamlessly blocks trackers without
affecting your browsing experience.

Use it as per your convenience

Turn Tracker Blocker (beta) on and off with one tap for
websites that cannot work without the cookies

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Keep your information safe from trackers

Browse the internet without having your activities tracked, analyzed and used to target you.

Frequently asked questions

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  • What is Tracker Blocker (beta)?


    Tracker Blocker (beta) stops web trackers from collecting information about you while you surf the web to talk to your friends or shop online. This protects your privacy and prevents your personal information from being used against you by targeted marketing, tracking, and other intrusive actions.

  • Will Tracker Blocker slow down my web browsing experience?


    The feature is designed to work seamlessly in the background without affecting your web browsing speed or performance. Tracker Blocker (beta) only stops trackers from collecting information about you, this means that it won’t negatively affect your web-browsing experience.

  • Can I choose which trackers to block and which to allow?


    Tracker Blocker (beta) blocks all known web trackers to protect your online privacy as much as possible. Hence for now you won’t be able to choose which trackers to block.

  • Will Tracker Blocker (beta) prevent me from using certain websites or services?


    Tracker Blocker (beta) is designed to run in the background and only stop trackers from collecting information about you, so that it doesn’t affect websites or services you use.