How PurePrivacy helps manage LinkedIn privacy

01 – Choose the right privacy settings

Your personal information can be protected with the right settings. PurePrivacy suggests what you could do to improve your privacy posture with complete transparency.

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02 – Use a strong privacy strategy

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, and you need privacy that’s different from other social media sites. PurePrivacy understands your unique needs and guarantees privacy from your connections or other malicious actors.

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03 – Turn on the privacy filter

PurePrivacy ensures that you are in complete control of your LinkedIn experience. The PurePrivacy app allows you to accept or change the recommendations according to your needs anytime.

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04 – Control your network

You can be searched, viewed through connections, or traced with comments on LinkedIn. With PurePrivacy, you can stop the audience that might get access to you in any way.

ccard 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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