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PurePrivacy is simply a guide on how to be more private and as a result more secure online. The more we understand how or why our data is collected and how to keep our privacy intact, the safer and healthier our digital lives will be.

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How vulnerable are you on
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Online tracking and personalization

Facebook could have upto 200 trackers watching your online activity. Online tracking is an incredibly manipulative and intrusive way companies personalize ads to you. Without the right privacy settings in place, you are most likely being spied on, or targeted, by hundreds of trackers, without your knowledge.

Data and identity theft

In April 2021, 533 million Facebook user details were posted on a hacking forum. Such databases aren’t created by breaking into servers of social networks; instead such information is readily available on social media accounts of users who do not have the appropriate knowledge or tools to manage their privacy settings.

Unsafe contact

Excessive amounts of personal details online can leave users vulnerable to unsafe contact by strangers or someone you know. Unsafe contact refers to the type of online communication that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe. This could lead to online harassment, stalking and could impact a user’s mental and physical health.

Negative reputation

Inappropriate social media use in the past can potentially lead to a negative reputation which can have a severe effect on an individual’s social life, career and mental health. It can be far more devastating for a business and can affect revenue. Appropriate privacy settings can limit the exposure of embarrassing posts from the past.

How PurePrivacy keeps your social media privacy in check

ccard 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Maintain privacy against third parties

Data tracking is an incredibly intrusive way to manipulate you, influence your digital choices, and keep tabs on your habits for their marketing purposes. Prevent social media and outside apps from tracking your online behavior and avoid targeted, personalized ads.

Manage your security

Consent and privacy are essential for your digital wellbeing and security against hackers, scammers and cybercriminals. Control your privacy settings for all your social accounts from one secure location and choose who gets access to your digital space.

Auto-delete search history

PurePrivacy helps erase your search history so you can browse on your terms, without being constantly tracked. Clearing your search history should be routine for anyone who cares about privacy, cookies, clearing caches, and maintaining a healthy digital lifestyle.

Easily archive and delete old posts

Archiving or deleting each and every separate post you don’t wish to see anymore can be time consuming and inconvenient. Save time by archiving or deleting your social network posts all at once with PurePrivacy.

Take control of your social media

Secure your digital space and keep track of what you want others to see with PurePrivacy

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