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Your perfect match for easy privacy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read on to find answers to frequently asked questions about PurePrivacy

What is PurePrivacy?


PurePrivacy is a secure social media auditor (SMA) that analyzes your current privacy settings, recommends changes, and helps you automatically keep your data safe.

Do I need an account to use PurePrivacy?


No, you can start using PurePrivacy as a guest. This allows you to connect your social media accounts, scan them, look for data breaches and get recommendations to maintain your online privacy.

How does PurePrivacy work?


PurePrivacy connects and scans your social media account settings. It lets you select the level of security you wish to maintain for your accounts, and provides you with recommendations that you can act upon with a single tap. All these recommendations can be accessed from your personalized dashboard at all times.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to use PurePrivacy?


No, PurePrivacy does not require you to be a security expert. Instead, we make it very simple for you by analyzing and recommending actions that you can take with the tap of a button and increase your privacy.

Can I use PurePrivacy on mobile devices?


Yes, you can use PurePrivacy on both iOS and Android devices. Download it from here.

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