How PurePrivacy helps you manage your Instagram Privacy

01 – Simplifying privacy to help you understand your options

Instagram’s privacy settings are hidden deep and hard to navigate To get full security, PurePrivacy analyzes your settings and give you context and explanations so you can make informed decisions on your data and information

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02 – Quick recommendations at your fingertips

Unlike Instagram and other platforms, PurePrivacy does not take any decisions on your behalf. Instead, we highlight problem areas and recommend the best solutions. Once you connect Instagram to PurePrivacy, analyze your privacy settings with your consent and provide recommendations based on thorough research and expertise.

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03 – Zero-knowledge proof

Many users are wary of social logins due to privacy concerns. We’re in the business of digital privacy and know the importance your data holds. This is why PurePrivacy will never see or save your login details. All you have to do is connect your account and choose the level of security you want.

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04 – Providing flexibility on in-app activities

PurePrivacy provides convenience to social media user. Keeping that in mind, you donot have to worry about any decision that you take on our app. If you find that you’ve changed your mind, you can simply select the undo button. Everything you do on our app appears on your activity feed for a seamless and transparent experience.

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