How PurePrivacy keeps your professional and personal lives separate on LinkedIn

01 – Showing you all the data that others are able to view

Users put a lot of their personal information on LinkedIn so that they can network with the relevant people. But this information can sometimes fall into the wrong hands, endangering your privacy. PurePrivacy analyzes your settings to let you know who can view your information, and helps you limit the people who can access it.

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02 – Helping you keep your LinkedIn experience unique from other social media networks

LinkedIn is not a social media network like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. It is important to keep the professional boundaries up on LinkedIn. PurePrivacy helps you make it so that everything from LinkedIn – from your connections to the type of ads you see, are distinct from other social media networks.

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03 – Lets you define the boundaries

PurePrivacy ensures that you are in complete control of your LinkedIn experience. This is why the app allows you to choose the level of privacy recommendations you’ll get right from the app itself, and it allows you do undo any privacy settings you have already applied.

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04 – Gives you the power to control how others see you

LinkedIn’s search capabilities are very extensive. This allows you to search a variety of things, but it also allows others to search for you in a number of ways. If you want to stop certain parties – for example your past employers – from being able to view your profile, you can do so with PurePrivacy.

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