Say ‘NO’ to those
who store, share
and sell your data.

Data brokers collect your personal online data without your permission. Let’s protect your privacy by telling them to delete it.

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How is it helpful?

Own your data, protect your privacy.

Gain control over your personal information by being proactive and familiarizing yourself with its potential uses and the risks involved, and then taking necessary steps to safeguard it.

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Don’t let risks catch you off guard.

Discover and guard against the dangers of targeted ads, fraud, and other cyber threats by identifying possible risks and implementing measures to prevent them from affecting you.

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Shield yourself against identity theft.

Your Home address , Phone numbers , Business emails can be used to put you at risk. Having data brokers remove your information mitigates this risk.

Get PurePrivacy ccard 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Save hundreds of hours, if not more.

PurePrivacy will reach out and advocate on your behalf, compelling each configured company to erase any data they have on you, even invoking privacy legislation where necessary. (CCPA, GDPR, etc).

Get PurePrivacy ccard 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

How it works?


Create your profile using your name, country and email address.


Discover areas where your privacy is at risk.


Give us permission to work with you.

Reclaim your data with complete ease

Track Progress

Receive real-time notifications and track progress on your data requests. Check the dashboard to check brokers’ responses and view status of requests.

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Enjoy periodic scans

Perform periodic scans for complete peace of mind that keep you updated on any changes or new information.

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We cover more and more data brokers

Discover more information of yours that data brokers might possess and make informed decisions to protect your privacy.

Get PurePrivacy ccard 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Keep prying eyes at bay with just a tap

Be your true self online with our ultimate privacy solution! Say goodbye to worries and hello to peace of mind.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Why do I need to remove my data from the internet?


    Almost anything and everything you do on the internet is tracked and logged, what you search for, what you browse and your personal information. All of this is used to profile and target you through tailored advertisements.

    Some entities called Data Brokers collect and compile data about individuals from every and any source, then these Data Brokers sell this data to advertisers or anyone who is willing to pay up.

  • Why do I have to sign the Authorization form?


    We need your authorization to be able to request data brokers on your behalf to remove any data that they might have about you

  • Why should I choose PurePrivacy for data removal?


    PurePrivacy data removal can help remove your personal information from over 130+ brokers with automated requests so you don’t have to worry about your data getting into the wrong hands.

  • How does Remove My Data Work?


    PurePrivacy’s remove my data feature works by first taking your details and authorization to act on your behalf to request data brokers to remove any data they might have on you. Then we send out repeating automated requests to companies to remove that data and inform you when it has been removed.