Data Breach at Hey You: More Than 100k Affected!

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  • 27 June 2024
  • 5 mins read

Table of Content

Table of Contents

Popular Australian Food Ordering App Hey You suffered a serious data breach. Hackers are allegedly selling the information of over 100,000 Hey You members on a hacking site, including emails and passwords.

Hackers Score Customer Info, Leaving You Vulnerable

Hey You is an order-ahead app that allows you to order and pay for your food and drinks ahead of time, allowing you to skip long lines when you arrive at the restaurant for pickup.

The data collection offered for sale includes information from more than 100,000 Hey You customers. According to a statement the data contains names, usernames, phone numbers, emails, passwords, and addresses.

Who Made the Hack and How?

The data is divided into two sets: the first contains names and phone numbers, while the second contains usernames, emails, passwords, and addresses. According to the sample data, there are 202,488 lines of information, and each person is represented in both lists.

The first list has 101,703 lines, whereas the second has 100,765 lines, hence the two lists do not quite match. Nonetheless, the emails in the second list of examples correspond to the names in the first sample set. 

The number disparity is because the second list contains firms that partner with Hey You and utilize a address.

While many of the emails appear to be from earlier breaches on, many are specific to this purported data breach. Most of the emails appear to be personal, although others are from business accounts.

The passwords are hashed with the SHA-1 method, albeit some appear to have already been cracked.

Billy100 has been busy this month, posting databases for sale practically every day since June 17th. The hacker, who could just be a data broker, sold data belonging to the Panamanian government, Satu Data Indonesia and India's eMigrate emigration system.

Hey You Hack: Time to Change Your Takeaway Habits!

The suspected data breach at Hey You is a harsh reminder of the ongoing threat to our online privacy. With over 100,000 users possibly compromised, the event emphasizes the significance of strong app security and user awareness.

In modern times, our personal information is constantly being compromised. This can have major implications, including identity theft, financial fraud, targeted marketing campaigns, and reputational damage.

In the wake of the Hey You hack, it is critical to prioritize your online privacy. Consider using a reputable privacy provider, such as PurePrivacy, to protect your information and reduce the dangers connected with data breaches.