Neighbor Who Opt Out: Personal Information Removal Guide 2024

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  • 2 February 2024
  • 11 mins read

Did you know that data is one of the most valuable and sought-after commodities on the planet? The data broker market was valued at $268 billion in 2022 and is expected to surpass $365 billion before 2029.

Besides data brokers like NeighborWho selling your data, your personal information could fall into the hands of scammers and identity, which can be detrimental.

Now, how do you handle that better than deleting your details from their platform? Your safety must be prioritized. This is why we want to share with you two effective strategies to save your data and enhance your digital privacy.

  • NeighborWho stores and shares data like your ages, addresses, educational level, household health interests, employment history, etc. 
  • They store your data from public records, social media, surveys, and more.
  • Learn how to opt out of NeighborWho and delete all the information they have about you.
  • PurePrivacy helps you delete your data from data brokers in one simple step.

NeighborWho was created to be a subscription-focused platform that offers details concerning real estate within the US.

Their plan was designed to enable users to obtain information concerning real estate properties within a given area. But how they are going about it remains a bone of contention since they consistently take advantage of these users’ data without their consent. Nevertheless, NeighborWho, alongside its partners, has continued to rack up data from clients in accordance with the company's data policy, but in spite of this, its platform has been selective when it comes to the observation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, pointing to the illegitimacy in its privacy scrutiny operations.

This company collects user data from a variety of sources, including the following:

  • Surveys
  • Public Documents
  • Social networking sites

They collect this information in order to create detailed profiles of individuals.

This is where the truth is unveiled. NeighborWho was initially thought to be collecting these data for the purpose of generating in-depth market survey reports. 

We didn't know they had other intelligent intentions, selling your data and sharing them with businesses and partners that could afford to buy them up. 

You can't stop them, not when they feel like that is the only thing you could do for them in return for the streamlined search result they generated for you on their platform.

There could have been a better way! That is like throwing your clients under the bus! Besides, these stolen data also suffer hacking, impersonation, and a myriad of cyber crimes, thereby risking the lives of these clients alongside those of their family members.

The same way you would naturally wear a shoe to shield your foot against shafts along the road while trekking is the same way you need to protect your data from an open platform like NeighborWho to shield you from attacks by cyber owls waiting to pounce on prey that have lost their vision. 

If you don't understand what was just said, it means that you are unaware that your data is in big demand by both NeighborWho and its partners, and they would trade it even without your permission if you leave it on their platform.

Also, since NeighborWho shares its database with BeenVerified, your details are no secret to both outlets, further spelling the need to take your data off NeighborWho for your safety.

One of the most effective methods to preserve your digital privacy is to opt out. Surprisingly, you have two options for protecting your privacy on this network. They are as follows: 

  • NeighborWho's opt-out method which is manually done.
  • PurePrivacy’s automatic opt-out style is insanely fast and reliable.

You can opt out of NeighborWho by filling out the opt-out form on their partner's website, which means your information is shared across two platforms. 

Note that unsubscribing from BeenVerified will also unsubscribe you from NeighborWho. For details on how to do this, you must complete an Opt-Out form, as explained below.

Here is a systematic guide on how to opt out of NeighborWho’s database:

  • Go to the official page at NeighborWho.
  • Get down to the base and hit the highlighted point to proceed.
Screenshot of NeighborWho's footer highlighted for "Do Not Sell My Personal Information"
  • You will be redirected to the BeenVerified website. Tap “Don’t trade my data.”
Screenshot of popup that appears when you click on "Do Not Sell My Personal Information"
  • Input your original identity and choose your location before tapping “search” to locate your listing.
Screenshot of the search bar on site
  • The result page will show you many related results. 
  • Locate your record and click the “Opt Out” by the side.
Screenshot of the search results on BeenVerified

Step 5: Fill a valid mail handle:

  • Input a valid mail link (you should use a masked or throwaway email address).
  • Solve that follow-up CAPTCHA before pressing “forward mail.”
Screenshot of the opt out form on BeenVerified
  • Get the link from your mailbox prior to tapping the opt out link.
  • Once you click “Verify Opt-Out,” your demand is settled.
Screenshot of opt out verification email from BeenVerified

Within 72 hours, your listing should be removed, but it might take longer as it is in most cases.

Screenshot of PurePrivacy's homepage

Are you tired of going through long opt-out processes and waiting for weeks to get your data removed from data brokers? What if I tell you that you no longer have to go through that stress to remove your data from NeighborWho and other data brokers? 

Yeah! PurePrivacy can help you achieve that.

They will help to delete your data from the databases of data broker companies like NeighborWho, leaving you in complete control.

Steps to Opt-Out Using PurePrivacy

  • From web app:

    ● Visit the PurePrivacy website.

    ● Sign up to PurePrivacy.

    ● Create your profile.

    ● Provide us your consent.

    ● Once you allow authorization the opt out process will begin. Pure Privacy automatically starts the monitoring & opt out process for your information. First ask them if they have your data or not. If they have simply opted out of data on behalf of you. This all process was done within a short period of time. Also Send a weekly email summary that combines and summarizes the activity related to removing data.

    From Mobile App (Android & IOS):

    ● Launch PurePrivacy mobile app.

    ● Signup or Login to your account.

    ● Enter Details to create your profile.

    ● Allow us your express authorization to start the opt out process.

    ● Once you allow authorization the opt out process will begin. Pure Privacy automatically starts the monitoring & opt out process for your information. First ask them if they have your data or not. If they have simply opted out of data on behalf of you. This all process was done within a short period of time. Also Send a weekly email summary that combines and summarizes the activity related to removing data.

NeighborWho’s Manual Opt-Out Steps

  • Visit NeighborWho’s official opt-out page.
  • Supply all your details and hit the “Submit” button.
  • Input your email address (preferably an email).
  • Repeatedly check your inbox for the opt-out confirmation link.
  • Solve the CAPTCHA to finalize the process.


  • Go to the PurePrivacy website or launch the app.
  • Create a free profile or opt for the premium plan.
  • Give consent.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my data safe with NeighborWho?


    Hackers, scammers, and identity thieves often target digital brokers like NeighborWho for people’s personal information, so your data is not safe on this platform.

  • What does NeighborWho do with my Information?


    NeighborWho sells users' personal data to a variety of customers, such as real estate agents, marketing companies, and insurance companies.

  • How can I remove my information from NeighborWho?


    You can remove your information from NeighborWho by following their manual opt-out process, which can be found on their website. Alternatively, PurePrivacy, which provides an automatic, faster, and easier opting out, can be used.

  • Why should I opt out of NeighborWho?


    Opting out of NeighborWho ensures that your personal data is not available to others without your consent.

  • How long does it take to opt out of NeighborWho using PurePrivacy?


    Using PurePrivacy gives you better speed and convenience as removing personal data takes only seconds, which beats the whole manual method that may last days or weeks.

Your digital privacy is one thing you should protect with everything you’ve got. Millions of people suffer data breaches yearly because of the carelessness and unethical practices of data brokers. 

Leaving your data on NeighborWho makes you vulnerable to hackers, scammers, and identity theft, which can be detrimental to your privacy and security. Use PurePrivacy to opt out now and protect your data and digital privacy.

  • Simplify your online presence today

    With PurePrivacy, make sure all your personal data remains safe without a hassle!