Google Maps Removing “Followed Places” Feature in 2025

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  • 21 June 2024
  • 9 mins read

Table of Content

Table of Contents

Attention business owners and frequent users! According to reports, Google Maps will discontinue its "Followed Places" function in early 2025. 

This means that users will no longer be able to follow certain places to stay up to date on their information within the app. 

However, there is good news: you will have the opportunity to download your data before it is deleted. Let's get into what this suggests for you.

What is the Followed Places Feature in Google Maps?

The "Followed Places" function allowed users to keep track of their favourite local companies and receive updates about them, such as changes in operation hours, special deals, or new menu items.

How Will This Affect You?

If you use Google Maps to keep track of your favourite shops, restaurants, or coffee shops, you'll be out of luck shortly. 

Google Maps is removing the "Follow Places" feature by the beginning of next year. This means you won't be able to press a button to view news or announcements from such locations directly in the app anymore.

However, it is not all terrible news. You will still be allowed to search for those locations and view their information on Google Maps, but you will not receive automatic updates. 

To stay up to date, you might have to follow them on social media or visit their websites directly.

Possible Reasons for Google Removing the Feature

Here are some logical explanations, of why Google is thinking about discontinuing the "Follow Places" feature:

Nobody Was Utilising It

Perhaps people weren't interested in following places on Google Maps. With social media, email lists, and loyalty programs hitting us with notifications, this function may have felt unnecessary.

Hidden Changes

Even if people wanted to follow places, finding updates could have been difficult. Google placed them in the "For You" tab, which isn't the most obvious place to look.

New and Enhanced Features

Google Maps is constantly updating with new features. Perhaps they found that their efforts would be better spent on something more useful to users.

Making Travel Planning Easy With Google Maps' Latest Upgrades

Google Maps recently added some new features to make planning your next trip easier than before. Here's what you may expect:

Local Gems at Your Fingertips

  • Stop searching endless travel blogs. Google Maps currently develops lists of "Trending," "Top," and "Gems" locations in different cities. 
  • These present new favourites, classic must-sees, and hidden gems, all based on user feedback and credible sources.

Personalised Planning

  • No more boring schedule! Google Maps assists you in developing a strategy that is customised to your specific interests. 
  • Search for a city and browse selected lists such as "Foodie Favourites" and "Off the Beaten Path." 
  • You may even make and customise your lists, including restaurants, activities, and attractions that you want to visit.

Sharing the Fun

  • Are you travelling with friends or family? 
  • Share your carefully arranged lists with them right within the app! 
  • This makes collaboration and travel planning simple.

EV Drivers Rejoice!

  • Google Maps is more EV-friendly than ever. 
  • It can evaluate your car's range when you arrive at your destination and direct you to the nearest public charging stations. 
  • Additionally, AI-powered descriptions based on user input assist you in finding the appropriate charger and navigating difficult parking structures.

What Measures You Can Follow Before the "Follow Places" Feature Disappears?

Unfortunately, because the feature will soon be completely removed, there is no option to continue following places and receiving updates within the program itself.

However, there are several things that you can do to get ready:

Find Alternative Ways to Stay Updated

Follow the places you are interested in on social media (Facebook, Instagram), subscribe to their email lists, or visit their websites directly. This way, you will continue to get news and announcements.

Download Your Data

While there have been no official statements concerning downloading data linked to "Follow Places," it's worth checking Google Maps' help page or app settings closer to the removal date to see if there's a way to download any data associated with the function.

Discover Bookmarking Options

Many online browsers provide bookmarking features that allow you to save the internet websites for later access. If a restaurant you visit has a website, save it in your browser and tag it with relevant terms (e.g., "Restaurants," "Coffee Shops") for simple searching.

Search Third-Party Apps

There may be third-party apps that specialise in place detection and updates. These apps may provide features similar to "Follow Places," such as tracking your favourite locations and receiving reminders about them. Research and consider options that meet your needs.

Google Maps Says Goodbye to "Followed Places": Prepare for New Ways to Navigate!

So there you have it. Google Maps is discontinuing "Followed Places" in early 2025. While this may be disappointing for some, there are still ways to stay up to date on your favourite places.

This update also makes you wonder what new features Google Maps might be working on! Perhaps a highly specific recommendation system that will blow your vacation planning socks off, or an AI that predicts the perfect time to grab a latte at your favourite coffee shop (because lines, am I right?).

One thing is for certain: Google Maps is always evolving. Who knows, maybe the next big thing will be even better than the places listed above.