iOS 18’s App Lock Protects Your Privacy When You Lend Your Phone

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  • 13 June 2024
  • 9 mins read

Table of Content

Table of Contents

Apple has always stood for user privacy, and iOS 18 takes it further. 

This version includes a powerful new feature called App Lock. But what is it, and how does it benefit iPhone users?

Your iPhone Gets A Major Makeover

Apple has just released the most significant update for iPhones, iOS 18. Prepare for a new way to customise your phone, manage your images, and even send messages from anywhere on Earth! Here's a quick look at what to expect:

Home Screen Your Way

  • Tired of the same layout? iOS 18 allows you to move apps and widgets around, as well as customise the Lock Screen buttons.

Photos Made Easy

  • Finding those memorable events just got easier. 
  • The Photos app has a whole new layout, with a focus on exploring by theme and keeping your favourites easily accessible.

Messaging Is Improved

  • You can now express yourself in iMessage with stunning new text effects and animations. 
  • Plus, you may plan messages to be sent later and connect with friends via satellite when there is no cell accessibility.

Apple Intelligence

  • iOS 18 adds Apple Intelligence, a powerful new system that combines privacy and AI to improve the iPhone experience. 
  • Write smarter with system-wide Writing Tools that can edit, proofread, and summarise content practically anywhere you input. 
  • Create amusing images in seconds using Image Playground, or let Memories create customised highlight videos from your photos. 
  • Siri also receives a significant update, with the ability to read typed requests and switch easily between speech and text interactions.
  • iOS 18 includes Apple Intelligence, a personal intelligence system for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that mixes generative models with personal context.

Control Center Gets a Grip

  • The updated Control Center provides even more accessible access to the features you use the most. 
  • Swipe between customised sets of controls, add controls from supported apps, and change their size for best use.

Safari Gets Smarter

  • Apple's super quick browser now enables you to find information online like a pro. 
  • The new Highlights feature highlights crucial topics from web pages, and the revised Reader allows you to read content without distraction.

Even More to Explore

  • Use Apple Maps to explore thousands of treks in national parks, Game Mode to improve your gaming experience, new Apple Pay features to make payments easier, and Siri Interactions to personalise your AirPods.
  • Enjoy a package of changes to Notes, Journal, Health, Calendar, and the Home app, making your iPhone even more useful and efficient.

Lock Up Your Apps: iOS 18 Protects Your Privacy

Have you ever worried that someone might peek at your phone? 

Don't worry about it! Apple's iOS 18 release emphasises your security using a groundbreaking new feature called App Lock. 

This allows you to lock off individual apps using Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode, guaranteeing that only you can access them. 

Even if you give your phone to anyone, those prying eyes can not see your hidden messages, emails, or social media posts. Rest well and keep your confidential information private!

Furthermore, when an app is locked, its content does not appear in search results or notifications, providing an additional layer of security.

Apple executive Craig Federighi said during the company's speech at WWDC:

"We are just getting started, and I hope you are as excited as I am about the road ahead," 

What’s More in Hand?

Apple continues to support user privacy with many powerful features in iOS 18. Here's how they'll help you take control of your data:

Contact Permission Improvement

iOS 18 allows you to share only specific contacts with apps. No more providing full access! This degree of control guarantees that apps only see necessary information.

Passwords App

This one-stop shop protects your passwords, passkeys, Wi-Fi credentials, and verification codes. It even notifies you about weak or overused passwords, ensuring the security of your online accounts.

Private Cloud Compute

Apple takes AI privacy to the next level with Private Cloud Compute. This innovative approach allows your iPhone to examine data on-device while safely accessing larger cloud models as necessary. Your data is never shared with anyone else, and independent experts can confirm this.

What’s Your Best Reason to Upgrade Your Phone?

So what do you think? 

iOS 18 offers an extensive list of improvements, from enhanced privacy protections to a redesigned Photos app that brings your memories to life. It's like if Apple took your iPhone and turned everything up to 11. 

Will App Lock provide peace of mind while handing your phone to a friend? 

Will you use Image Playground to make funny masterpieces or Apple Maps to become a national park pro? 

The future of iPhones is finally here, and it looks pretty awesome.