How To Delete Bethesda Account In 2024

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  • 23 April 2024
  • 9 mins read

Thinking about deleting your Bethesda account? You have come to the right place. However, getting rid of a Bethesda account is not as simple as you think because you won’t find a straightforward “delete account" button on the website.

But fear not, this guide will walk you through the steps of contacting Bethesda support to get your account permanently removed. It's a quick and easy process, even if it's not directly available on their site. So, let's get started and help you say goodbye to Bethesda!

What is Bethesda?

Bethesda Softworks, often just called Bethesda, is a giant in the world of video games! They have so far released 100+ games for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. If you have ever played Fallout, where you explore a world ravaged by nuclear war, or Elder Scrolls, where you create your character and fight dragons, then you've played a Bethesda game! 

How Bethesda Collects Your Information? 

Some gamers have no clue that their personal data is collected and stored online. If you are thinking about how Bethesda collects your data, here are some details you should know about: 

  • When someone creates a new account, they share names, email addresses, user credentials, and other optional information like birthdays or your region. 
  • You might share information about the device you are using, the operating system, or the hardware because the platform use it for troubleshooting
  • Bethesda will track your in-game purchases and other customization options that are common among regular gamers
  • Website cookies and data analytics can track your location history and digital footprints.  

How to Delete a Bethesda Account 

Step 1: Go to Bethesda support https://help.bethesda and choose the first option 

Step 2: Click the option Account.

Step 3: Click the option I have an account recovery issue.

Step 4: Select who's account is this.

Step 5: Click

Step 6: Click on the last option No, I don’t have access to the email on this account

Step 7: Select No, I don’t remember the answer

Step 8: Choose I don’t have a code. 

Step 9: Fill out the complete form by giving your information 

Step 10: After filling out your form, give your issue and write about how you want to delete your account then click Submit.

Your request has been submitted successfully. Now, wait for their response 

Does Bethesda Share My Personal Information?

Bethesda collects some personal information to make things work well. When you sign up or use their stuff, they might keep your username, email, and what you bought. This helps them manage your account, make your gaming better, and make transactions easy.

Bethesda outlines its data practices in a privacy policy Bethesda's privacy policy . Bethesda won't sell your information unless you give permission. They use this information to manage your account and show you advertisements in their games. You can decide what information you want to share in your account settings.

Is Bethesda Legit?

Bethesda has been making great games since 1986, like Fallout and Elder Scrolls. They're trustworthy and keep your payment information safe when you buy games or stuff from their store.

Being part of a big company (Microsoft owns them now) adds another layer of trust. Millions of gamers play their games, so you're in good company! But you should be careful about protecting your data from malicious threats on gaming platforms. 

You need to take control of your private data and online privacy! Deleting your Bethesda account is a good start, but what about other online information? If you are concerned about securing your information, the PurePrivacy app can give you a helping hand.

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How Does PurePrivacy Work?

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PurePrivacy helps keep your social media accounts safe by checking who can see your profile. It helps you adjust your settings so you feel more comfortable with who has access to your information.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I reactivate my Bethesda account?


    No, you can’t reactivate an old Bethesda account. Once you delete your Bethesda account, it's gone for good! If you have recently deleted an account, try reaching out to Bethesda customer support for assistance. But, you have to eventually create a new account.

  • Can I delete my account without having a login credential using customer service?


    No, you can't delete your Bethesda account without your login information by simply contacting customer service. To ensure account security, Bethesda needs verification that you are the rightful owner before deleting an account and user information.

  • Is there a waiting period for deleting a Bethesda account?


    No, there is no waiting period for deleting your Bethesda account. Once you contact Bethesda support and confirm the deletion, your account should be removed immediately. However, keep in mind that any saved game data or purchases linked to the account might be permanently lost.

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Take Charge of Your Privacy! 

Deleting your Bethesda account is a quick way to take control of your online privacy. 

But the stakes for online privacy are higher.  

You need to secure accounts on gaming platforms or social media sites. 

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