How to Delete Fashion Nova Account in 2024

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  • 10 May 2024
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Loved the looks at Fashion Nova, but ready for a wardrobe refresh? We get it! 

While shopping there might be a breeze, canceling your account can feel a bit unclear. 

Don't worry, this guide will walk you through the simple process of unsubscribing from emails and completely deleting your account

What is Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova is the world's most successful quick-to-market fashion and lifestyle company. They are well-known for delivering the season's desired fashions to millions of people worldwide, earning them the position of Google's #1 Most-Searched Fashion Brand for 2018.

Why Should I Delete My Account From Fashion Nova?

Here's why you might want to remove your Fashion Nova account:

No Longer Shopping

  • You no longer shop at Fashion Nova and want to unsubscribe from their emails. 
  • Regular notifications with discounts and new arrivals can be appealing, especially if you are trying to reduce expenses. 
  • Deleting your account means that you will no longer receive these emails.

Safety Concern

  • You're concerned about the privacy of your data and want to reduce your online activity. 
  • When you delete your account, all your personal information, including your name, email address, and order history, is removed. 
  • This can be a practical choice if you are concerned about your internet privacy.

Quality Issues

  • If you've had a bad experience with Fashion Nova clothes, such as poor stitching or cheap fabrics, cancelling your account is a good way to show your disapproval and avoid making future purchases.

How to Delete Your Account from Fashion Nova

Deleting your account from Fashion Nova is not a straightforward procedure. However, you will see steps to delete your account easily from Fashion Nova:

By Calling or Emailing Them

  1. Contact Fashion Nova customer service. You can reach them by phone at 1-888-FASHION (1-888-327-4466) or at [email protected].
  2. Tell them you want to delete your account.
  3. They might ask you to confirm specific personal details so that they can verify your identification.
  4. Your account will be deleted after your identity has been verified.

By Submitting a Request Form

  1. You can also request them by submitting a form by clicking on this link:

Fill out your form with the correct required details.

  1. Once you fill out the form click on the Review Request button.
  1. Once you click on that, click on the Submit Request button on the next page after verifying that you are human via a captcha.
  1. Then on the next page, you will see a message that your request has been submitted.

That is it, this way, you can delete your account from Fashion Nova.

What Happens When I Delete My Account from Fashion Nova?

Here is what happens when you delete your Fashion Nova account:

Unsubscribe from Emails

  • This gives the most instant benefit. 
  • Fashion Nova will no longer send you promotional emails about new arrivals, or additional advertising information.

Deletion of Order History

  • Any previous orders associated with your account will be erased. 
  • This means you cannot track previous purchases or reorder products quickly.

Removing Account Information

  • Personal information such as your name, email address, billing, and shipping address will be erased from Fashion Nova's database.

Can Not View Saved Products or Wishlists

  • If you have any products kept for later or created a wishlist, they will also be removed.

Need to Recreate Your Account for Future Purchases

  • If you ever want to shop at Fashion Nova again, create a new account.

Is Fashion Nova a Secure Platform?

  • Fashion Nova uses standard security procedures to protect your information at checkout, such as encryption of payment information. 
  • However, they transmit data worldwide, where privacy rules may be less strong. 
  • While not wholly unsafe, if you value the most remarkable data protection and control, other stores with more robust privacy policies may be a better choice.

PurePrivacy can determine the threat that data brokers may hold your Fashion Nova information. 

It can also assist you in requesting data removal from these brokers, which will decrease the amount of information they have about you. 

This is especially useful if stronger data privacy rules do not exist in the places where Fashion Nova shares your information.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why am I unable to cancel my Fashion Nova order?


    You must contact the company directly to cancel an order on Fashion Nova. This can not be done online. To request cancellation, send an email or call their customer support. If you do not receive the ordered item, you can send it to the company for a refund.

  • Is Fashion Nova a quality brand?


    Customers love Fashion Nova's jeans' softness and unique, eye-catching designs. However, they are incredibly critical of the brand's return policy, the low quality of some of its products, and customer service issues.

  • Does Fashion Nova have an email address?


    Yes, they have. For all proper PR and media queries, please contact [email protected]. Please remember that emailing [email protected] is not an official submission for influencer or collaboration requests, and will only be examined if submitted through their collaboration site.

  • Is Fashion Nova affordable?


    When you visit a website like Fashion Nova, you will see that everything Nova is quite reasonable, which appeals to buyers with a limited budget. However, low prices come at a higher expense in terms of quality. If you have purchased at such stores, you know that quality may not be guaranteed.

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Delete Your Account and Regain Control

While deleting your Fashion Nova account requires contacting customer support, it's a worthwhile step for anyone looking to declutter their inbox and remove personal information. 

Remember, a deleted account means your order history, saved products, and wish list will be gone too.
Consider exploring options with more robust privacy measures, and for comprehensive online protection, explore PurePrivacy.