How to Delete Gaijin Account in 2024

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  • 18 May 2024
  • 10 mins read

Remember the PlayStation Network outage? 

It was a massive hack that left 77 million accounts vulnerable. It wasn't just a game—it was a nightmare!

Gaming platforms are prime targets for cybercriminals, and your data—logins, purchases, even personal details—could be at risk. 

Don't wait for a game-over screen for your privacy! 

This guide tackles deleting your Gaijin account. 

Read on and decide if it's time to reclaim control of your gaming life!

What is Gaijin?

Gaijin is an independent European video game developer and publisher founded in 2002. It includes operations in Germany, Cyprus, Hungary, and Latvia, employing hundreds of talented developers. 

The headquarters in Budapest alone employs over a hundred highly skilled developers working on online games for PCs and consoles.

Why Is It Important to Delete Your Account from Gaijin?

There are several reasons why you might want to delete your Gaijin account:

You No Longer Play Gaijin Games

If you have moved on to other games and do not intend to return to Gaijin titles, cancelling your account can help clear your online accounts and remove the temptation to spend money on in-game stuff.

Privacy Concerns

Gaijin collects some of your personal information because they have to operate their games and services. If you are worried about your privacy, deleting your account can help you get control of your information and reduce your internet presence.

Dissatisfaction with Gaijin Service

If you have had a bad experience with Gaijin's customer support, bugs, or other problems, cancelling your account could be a way to show your disapproval.

How to Delete Your Account from Gaijin

  1. First of all, go to and log in to your account.
  2. Once you are logged in click on the Settings option on the top right corner of the screen.
  1. Then you will be directed to the Profile page where you must click on the Delete Account button at the bottom of the screen.
  1. On the next page read the guidelines carefully then scroll down a bit and click on the Delete Account button again.
  1. Then on the next page, you will see a message regarding the confirmation email sent to you.
  1. Open your email account and find the email from Gaijin then click on the I Confirm Deletion link.
  1. Then you will be redirected to the next page which says the process of deletion has begun.

Congratulations! You have successfully deleted your account from Gaijin.

Essential Things to Note Before Deleting the Gaijin Account

Here are some key factors to consider before deleting your Gaijin account:

Permanent Data Loss

  • This is the biggest one. When you remove your Gaijin account, all of your game progress, in-game purchases (including Gaijin Coins, skins, and other things), and other account information are permanently deleted. 
  • This includes any achievements, stats, or leaderboard placements you have obtained.

Consider Account Suspension

  • If you're not sure whether to completely delete your account, you can suspend it instead. 
  • It can temporarily disable your account, preventing you from accessing your games or using Gaijin's services. 
  • However, you can reactivate your account later if you decide to return.

Terms of Service

  • Make sure you understand Gaijin's Terms of Service, which detail the consequences of deleting your account. 
  • You may find them on the Gaijin website at

Contacting Gaijin Support

  • Please contact Gaijin support if you have any questions or concerns regarding deleting your account.

Is Gaijin a Secure Platform?

The security of Gaijin's platform is quite varied. While they claim to use industry-standard safety measures to protect user data, people have raised worries about account takeovers and data breaches. 

Furthermore, several customers claim that Gaijin enabled two-factor authentication without their knowledge, which might pose a security concern if not resolved appropriately. 

It is critical to exercise caution and use technologies such as two-factor authentication (if you have control) while closely checking your account activities.

With PurePrivacy, you can effectively protect your privacy and reduce the risks related to your online activities, including those on Gaijin.

How to Increase Your Online Safety with PurePrivacy

PurePrivacy is a comprehensive internet data and privacy safety platform that helps you control your online privacy and data protection. It focuses on securing your social media accounts and personal data.

What Features Does PurePrivacy Offer

Privacy Scan

  • PurePrivacy examines your account based on the current status of each feature to identify significant concerns. 
  • For example, a critical risk message will appear if you have not connected any accounts or engaged the tracker blocker.

Data Brokers Scan

  • This future feature will allow you to provide basic personal information (PII), such as your email address and name. 
  • PurePrivacy will conduct a risk scan to discover any exposed data and assess the potential hazards associated with data brokers' use of your information.

Tracker Blocker

  • With your permission, this feature sets up a secure on-device VPN to prevent recognized trackers from communicating with their domains. 
  • This helps to restrict data collecting for targeted advertising.

Whitelist/Blacklist Trackers

  • PurePrivacy allows you to whitelist specific trackers that you consider safe. 
  • You can also blocklist them again if you want.

Risk Score for Data Brokers

  • PurePrivacy examines data brokers' privacy policies to figure out the risk score linked with the data they hold. 
  • This score assesses the potential threats involved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I remove an email from my Gaijin account?


    You can only remove a linked email address after 60 days of linking it to your account. This can only be done if at least one other email address is associated with the account. To remove any additional address, simply click the Remove link.

  • Why has Gaijin frozen my account?


    This error occurs when you repeatedly type the incorrect username-password combination. If someone other than you attempts to log in, your account will be momentarily frozen to prevent illegal access. Please wait for an email containing details on how to unfreeze the account.

  • How can I turn off Gaijin 2fa?


    To stop the program, simply disable two-step authorization on your profile page at, under security-> account protection. Please remember that disabling Gaijin Pass also disables your account's two-step authorization.

  • What is the refund policy for the store?


    When you make a purchase, you agree to our Terms of Use, which indicate that fees for obtaining a licence to use virtual objects are non-refundable. The only exceptions are technical faults, such as when your credit card is charged twice for the same transaction.

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Delete Your Gaijin Account and Play Safely Online

Deleting your Gaijin account is a permanent action that removes all of your game progress and purchases. 

Before continuing, carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages. If you are unsure, try suspending your account.
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