How to Delete Your GoDaddy Account 2024

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  • 18 April 2024
  • 11 mins read

Table of Content

Table of Contents

GoDaddy is regarded as one of the major web hosting companies that offers an easy account activation procedure. However, terminating a GoDaddy account might be challenging.

This blog will walk you through the step-by-step process of stopping and permanently deleting your GoDaddy account. We recognize how crucial this choice is for your internet experience, despite this terrifying nature. We are therefore here to ensure that everything goes smoothly for you. 

We also teach you about the wonders of PurePrivacy which will help you to keep safe on the Internet. 

What Is GoDaddy? 

Since you've certainly seen commercials for during your current TV program or sporting event, you might still be curious about what GoDaddy is., alternatively referred to as GoDaddy, GoDaddy US, and GoDaddy USA, is an Arizona-based American business. 

Its core activities are the registration of internet domains, or website names, and the hosting of website content on its servers. With over 20 million clients globally, GoDaddy is one of the biggest web hosting and domain registration firms in the world. 

It's frequently the top pick for the Best Website Builder since it provides a wide range of services and tools to both small and large organisations. 

Why Is It Important To Delete The GoDaddy Account?

While GoDaddy's services have several benefits, recurring troubles are leading people to terminate their hosting accounts and look for alternative options.

Let's take a closer look at these concerns:

Poor Website Performance

A lot of people have expressed dissatisfaction with their website's availability and poor speed.

Less Value For Money

Cheaper than competitors, but with less storage and support for fewer domains, Godaddy's equivalent services offer less value for the money. Furthermore, several features like website safety measures and backups older than one day have an additional fee.

Poor Customer Service 

Using a live chat feature to receive a response can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour. Furthermore, it may take up to 48 hours to receive responses to trouble tickets, and it can take a further 48 hours to receive a follow-up response.

Expensive Renewals

Although the GoDaddy website discloses the renewal costs upfront, they may still come as a shock to users and cause them to go over their budget.  For more important initiatives, you should select the most suitable hosting company, even though GoDaddy's hosting service might be sufficient for a test site or a basic blog with little traffic. 

You need a hosting package that provides outstanding speed and features, first-rate customer care, and reasonably priced updates to make sure your website runs smoothly.

How to Delete An Account On GoDaddy

GoDaddy will only permit account deletion if all product memberships have been terminated. You won't be able to delete your account right away; you'll need to wait 24 hours until that process is finished. Here's how you get off the platform.

  1. To access "Account Settings," log in to GoDaddy.
  1. Choose the page labelled "Contact Preference." 
  1. Navigate to "Account."
  1. On the right side of the screen, click the "Edit" button.
  1. Select the "I understand this action cannot be undone" checkbox located in the "Confirm" area.
  1. To validate your activity, click "Close Account."

GoDaddy will notify you of this via email. Your account has been permanently deactivated.

How to Delete Products from Your GoDaddy Account

It's easy to stop using GoDaddy products. But rather than completely discontinuing active products, we advise you to just discontinue the renewal procedure. 

In this manner, you can make use of the services you have already paid for until the end of the agreement.

To cancel a GoDaddy service renewal, log in to your account and navigate to Account Settings > Renewals & Billing.

After choosing any of your account's active services, click Cancel Renewal. In addition to requesting confirmation, GoDaddy will alert you to the fact that if the renewal payment fails, the service will terminate.

What Kind of Services Does GoDaddy Provide?

GoDaddy provides both small and large enterprises with a variety of web services, as well as services for individual users. 

GoDaddy provides all the essentials for launching and maintaining a successful company website, including its most well-liked services like domain registration and web hosting as well as specialised offerings like SSL certificate issuance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What happens if I cancel my GoDaddy subscription?


    You will lose access to your website and its files, and your domain will return a 404 error if you terminate your GoDaddy membership before your current plan expires.

  • Can My GoDaddy Account Be Recovered After It Has Been Deleted?


    Deactivating a GoDaddy account is a permanent action. The site server does not now offer closed accounts anyway to regain their accounts.

  • Does GoDaddy offer security?


    GoDaddy takes great satisfaction in its reliability. On its website, the business claims that it never sells customer information to outside parties, that it is dedicated to setting the standard for security in the sector, and that it offers a variety of compliance tools for its clients to utilise.

  • How do I register on GoDaddy?


    Simply visit GoDaddy and choose the services you require to register a domain name or join up for web hosting.

  • Is GoDaddy a reputable company?


    GoDaddy is a well-known domain registrar and web server. It's included in the lists of the Best Web Hosting Providers and the Best Website Builders. However, if you'd like more details about GoDaddy in particular, see our full review of the company.

Maximise Your Security

It's not too difficult to cancel your GoDaddy account. You may quickly end your GoDaddy account if you want to switch to a different web hosting provider or decide you no longer need their services. 

This blog explains how to accomplish that. It contains all the details you require to remove related GoDaddy products and explains how to use PurePrivacy to secure your online data.