How to Delete JPay Account in 2024

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  • 10 June 2024
  • 9 mins read

JPay is a useful tool for friends and relatives to transfer money to imprisoned people. 

However, if you no longer need your JPay account, you might be wondering how to delete it. 

While JPay does not now allow account deletion directly through its website, there are still options for closing your account. 

This guide will help you through the procedures to cancel your JPay account.

What is JPay?

JPay is a privately held information technology and financial services company that focuses on serving the US jail system. 

With its headquarters in Miramar, Florida, the corporation works with state, county, and federal prisons and jails to provide technologies and services such as money transfer, email, video visitation, and parole and probation payments to roughly 1.4 million offenders in 35 states.

Why Is It Necessary to Delete Your Account from JPay?

There are a few reasons you might wish to delete your JPay account:

You No Longer Want the Service

  • If you have completed transferring money to an imprisoned person, you may want to cancel your account to avoid any unintentional charges. 
  • JPay will not delete your account itself, however, deleting it can prevent you from making unwanted transactions.

Safety Issues

  • If you feel your account information has been compromised, cancelling your JPay account will help avoid unwanted access to your financial information.

For Privacy Concerns

  • It might be better for you if JPay stopped keeping your private information.
  • Deleting your account can provide you with peace of mind, as you will know that your data is no longer available through JPay's system.

How to Delete Your Account from JPay

JPay does not currently offer account deletion on its website, but you can cancel your account by contacting customer service. Here's how.

  1. Call JPay's customer service: The phone number for JPay customer service is 1-800-574-JPAY (5729).
  2. Request account closure: Mention clearly to the representative that you wish to close your JPay account.
  3. Verify your identity: To confirm your identity, prepare to enter details about your account. These might include your name, address, and account history.

What Happens When I Delete My Account from JPay?

What happens when you close your JPay account?

JPay Access

  • You will not have access to JPay with your login credentials. 
  • This means you will not be able to send money, set up video calls, or utilise any other JPay services.

Transaction Processing

  • All pending transactions, which include periodic money transfers, will be processed as planned. 
  • However, you will be unable to begin new transactions after your account is cancelled.

Stopping Recurring Transactions

  • If you delete your account, all recurrent transactions, such as regular monthly deposits to a jailed individual's account, will be stopped.

Deposits Are Non-Refundable

  • Once you cancel the JPay account, you will not be refunded any money you have already deposited into a jailed individual's account. 
  • The funds will still be transferred to the appropriate recipient's account.

VideoConnect Sessions

  • Before cancelling your account, cancel any scheduled video chats (VideoConnect sessions) with a jailed individual. 
  • JPay does not issue refunds for VideoConnect sessions so that any remaining sessions will be instantly cancelled upon closure.

Is JPay Considered a Secured Platform?

JPay is widely accepted as a secure site for delivering money to incarcerated prisoners. They use encryption to protect your financial data during transactions. However, like with any internet company, there are inherent security risks. 

Phishing scams or malware can potentially steal your account information, so be aware of emails or links appearing to be from JPay. Before submitting the login credentials, verify that you are on the official JPay website.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I used the incorrect debit/credit card to make a payment; can I cancel the transaction?


    You can contact our customer service department to see if your payment is "Pending"; if so, JPay will immediately cancel it. If not, regretfully, JPay will be unable to cancel your payment.

  • Can I get a refund from JPay?


    In such situations, JPay will cancel the Payment transaction and return both the principal Payment and the Service Fee to the Customer. Any disputes or refund requests for missing or misdirected funds must be addressed to JPay within sixty (60) days of the initial transaction.

  • Why is my JPay account restricted?


    In case your transaction is reported as unauthorised and results in a chargeback, your account, as well as the imprisoned person who has received the unapproved funds, will be blocked from future Bank Card transactions until JPay is reimbursed or the issue is resolved.

  • How much money can I send with JPay?


    The transaction fee is calculated based on the amount transferred, with a minimum of $2.95 and a maximum of $24.95. The maximum amount that can be sent each 10 days is $1,000. Funds sent through JPay before 8:00 PM EST are often posted to the offender's account on the next working day.

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Wrapping Up

JPay account deletion requires contacting customer support; however, it is easy to delete your account to avoid future access.

While JPay secures your data, PurePrivacy offers further online privacy. 

It helps you manage the social media privacy settings, decreasing the possibility of exposure and identity theft.