How To Delete Your Macy’s Account In 2024

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  • 12 April 2024
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Macy's is one of the most well-known retail stores in the US, offering a wide choice of clothes, accessories, and home items. 

However, there might be a point when you want to delete your Macy's account for personal reasons. 

This guide explains to you a step-by-step way of how to delete your Macy's accounts.

What is Macy’s?

Macy's is an American department store company started in 1858 by Rowland Hussey Macy. It has been a sister brand to Bloomingdale's department store network since 1994.

It was taken over by parent company Federated Department Stores, which renamed itself Macy's, Inc. in 2007. As of 2015, it was the biggest department store chain in the US based on retail sales.

Macy's now runs 508 stores around the US. Its main store is situated in Herald Square in Manhattan, New York. As of January 2023, the company employed 94,000 people and generated $25.3 billion in sales annually.

Is It Possible to Delete My Macy's Account?

No, you can not delete a Macy's account yourself. Only a customer service rep can delete an account in response to your request. Therefore, you must get in touch with customer support and send a formal request to have your account deleted.

How to Delete Your Account from Macy’s

  1. First of all, log in to your Macy’s account.
  1. After that to delete your account, go to the bottom of your page and click on the “Contact Us” option.
  1. Now you will be redirected to the help center page where you need to click on the “View More” option under the My Account option.
  1. After that, you will see many options on the next page. 
  2. Click on the “Contact Credit Customer Service” option.
  1. Now what you need to do is contact their customer service department by calling this number 888-257-6757 at the given time and days mentioned in the picture.

There you go! You can request to delete your account by calling their customer service department and your request will be processed by them.

Why Has my Macy's card been declined?

Your Macy's credit card may be denied for several reasons. Some of the typical reasons are as follows:

Limited Funds

  • Your credit card will be refused if the amount on it is not high enough to pay for the purchase.

The Surplus Of Credit Limit

  • If you have exceeded your credit limit, your card will be refused.

Card Expiration

  • If your credit card is expired, it will be denied.
  • Incorrect details If the details you provided when making the purchase (for example, billing address, CVV code) do not match the information on file with your credit card issuer, the card will be rejected. 

Scam Preventive Measures

  • Your credit card will be denied if the credit card issuer suspects that you have engaged in fraudulent activity.

Delayed Or Defaulted Payments

  • Your issuer may have terminated or stopped your account and prevented you from using it if you have missed a payment or defaulted on your card.

It is recommended to get in touch with your Macy's credit card issuer to find out the exact cause of the rejection and to fix the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can my Macy's account be closed?


    To terminate your Macy's Credit Card, call customer support at (888) 257-6757. Simply express your request and supply the details required to verify your identity. You can also cancel your Macy's Store Card in this manner.

  • How do I get rid of the Macy's registry?


    Please contact a Celebrations Consultant at [email protected] or our Customer Service Department at 1.800. 568.8865 for assistance with removing your gift registry.

  • How can my online Macy's payment be canceled?


    You will have to go into your Macy's credit account if you want to change or cancel an AutoPay or one-time payment: After choosing "Macy's Credit Card," enter your email address and password to access your account. Below the "Make a Payment" box, click the "Manage AutoPay" link.

  • Is it possible to use someone else's Macy's card?


    There are no age restrictions, thus anyone can be added as an authorized user of a Macy's Credit Card by the principal cardholder.

  • Is the Macy's app available for free?


    Yes, you may download the Macy's mobile app for free! But, your service provider can charge you for accessing the app's connected data.

  • How do I contact customer care at Macy's?


    Click the Chat Online link at the bottom of the page to start a conversation with the team. There is a virtual agent available to help you around the clock. Please chat with them between 9:00 AM and 12:00 AM ET during Macy's business hours if you need to speak with a live professional. (Exceptions for holidays may apply.)

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Keeping Your Data Secure and Private

Although Macy's does not allow self-service options for account deletion, you can delete your account by contacting customer support. 

While canceling your account, your Star Rewards and purchase history will vanish. But, you may still need to remove your information from Macy's systems completely.

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