How to Delete Delta SkyMiles Account in 2024

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  • 20 June 2024
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Delta SkyMiles is a frequent flyer program that allows you to gain points on qualifying flights and then use them for award travel, upgrades, and other advantages. 

However, if you no longer fly often with Delta or have discovered a better reward program, you could think about deleting your SkyMiles account.

This guide will explain the steps to deleting your SkyMiles account and some important considerations before proceeding.

What is Delta SkyMiles?

SkyMiles is Delta Air Lines' frequent-flyer program. 

It provides points (or "miles") to customers travelling on most fare types and consumers who use Delta co-branded credit cards. 

These points can be obtained for free awards such as airline tickets, business and first-class improvements, and luxury products. 

It began operations in 1981 as the "Delta Air Lines Frequent Flyer Program" and was renamed SkyMiles in 1995.

Why Is It Important to Delete Your SkyMiles Account?

The decision to cancel your SkyMiles account is based on your particular situation. Here are a few reasons why you might want to do it:

You Don't Use Delta Frequently

Deleting your account can simplify your loyalty program memberships if you don't frequently fly Delta and do not see yourself earning enough miles for rewards.

Discovered a Better Program

Maybe another airline's regular flyer program is more suitable for your travel needs. Consolidating your points into one program may be more useful.

Privacy Worries

You may delete your account if you are concerned about Delta preserving your trip information.

How to Delete Your SkyMiles Account

Unlike other reward programs, you can not delete your SkyMiles account using the Delta website or app. This is the suggested method:

  1. Contact Delta's customer support team by calling +1-404-773-0305 or submitting a request form at
  2. Make sure to express that you want to delete your SkyMiles account.
  3. The person might want to confirm your identification and account information. Once confirmed, they will begin the closure procedure.

Important Things to Consider Before Deleting Your SkyMiles Account

Here are some key factors to consider before deleting your SkyMiles account:

Unused Miles

  • When you close your account, you lose any unused miles you have earned. 
  • These miles can be used for flights, upgrades, and other benefits.

Future Delta Travel

  • If you want to use Delta again in the future, cancelling your account means beginning to acquire miles again and qualify for rewards.

Other Options

  • If you do not fly Delta regularly but want to keep your account active, consider utilising a Delta credit card to accumulate points passively on regular transactions. 
  • This allows you to retain some account activity while avoiding frequent flying.

Is SkyMiles Considered a Secure Platform?

While Delta makes every effort to secure your information, security concerns such as data breaches or phishing attempts remain a possibility. 

Malicious actors may target your account to steal miles or personal information. 

To reduce risks, be careful of emails pretending to be from Delta, don't share your login information, and keep an eye on your account activity for any unusual changes.

Read people's reviews about SkyMiles to get a better understanding:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does the Delta SkyMiles account expire?


    Delta's reward program, SkyMiles, is free to join, and miles never expire, so even if you fly Delta only sometimes, it's worth joining. One of the most effective methods to earn Delta SkyMiles is using one of Delta's many co-branded credit cards, which allows you to earn rewards without ever flying with Delta.

  • Can I terminate my Delta Sky Club membership?


    Customers who are not Medallion Members can still access Delta Sky Club using another eligible credential. Delta Sky Club memberships are non-transferable and non refundable. Membership is valid from the date of purchase and lasts for the period of the Membership type purchased.

  • Can you get SkyMiles back if you cancel?


    Primary Economy Award Tickets are similarly non-changeable and non-refundable in most situations; however, you can cancel for a cost in miles that is removed from the value of your ticket, and the rest of the mileage amount will be redeposited into your SkyMiles account.

  • How can I transfer Delta SkyMiles to someone who has died?


    While Miles expire after a Member's death, the Administrator or Executor of the Member's Estate may request that Delta reinstate and move the Miles from the deceased Member's account to one or more members' accounts. Note that miles can only be exchanged in whole amounts. Please wait four weeks for processing.

Delete Your Account and Travel Safely

To summarise, removing from your SkyMiles account is a personal choice based on your travel preferences and privacy concerns. 

Weigh the advantages and risks carefully, particularly if you have unused miles or plan to travel with Delta in the future. 

Remember that you can not remove your Delta account using the website or app therefore you must contact customer service.

While Delta prioritises security, use a privacy app like PurePrivacy to monitor your social media privacy and data broker exposure.