How to Delete Workday Account in 2024

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  • 30 May 2024
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Need a break from work management tasks? You are not alone!

If you're thinking about deleting your Workday account, here are a few things to consider. 

While Workday does not have a direct account deletion option on the platform, we will walk you through the most convenient option to do so.

Here, we'll explain how to cancel your Workday account and suggest additional steps to guarantee your data is managed as you want.

What is Workday?

Workday, Inc. offers cloud-based financial management, human capital management, and student information systems software. 

Following Oracle's acquisition of PeopleSoft in 2005, David Duffield, the creator and former CEO of the ERP company, and former PeopleSoft top strategist Aneel Bhusri formed Workday.

Why Is It Important to Delete Your Account from Workday?

Here are some strong reasons you might wish to close your account:

Safety Concerns

If you no longer use Workday and have concerns about the security of your private data, you may delete it. It limits access to your data and ensures that it is not actively being used.

No More Using Workday Services

If you have left an organisation or position that relied on Workday, cancelling your account guarantees you will not get unnecessary notifications or remain in the system.

Improvements In a Company

If the business is making changes or moving to new HR platforms, your Workday account may no longer be useful. Deactivation keeps the system simplified.

How to Delete Your Account from Workday

Workday does not provide a straightforward process for deleting your account. However, you can get it done by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. You can request the deletion of your private information by clicking on this Request Portal.
  2. Then, you will see a request form. Simply fill it out by adding the required information, and at the bottom right side, click on the Submit button.
  1. Then, you will be prompted to verify your email address on the next page.
  1. Go to your email account and find the email, then click on the Confirm Email button.
  1. Then you will be redirected to the website page where you can see the verification message for your email address.

That is it, this is how you can get your account deleted from Workday.

Important Things to Remember Before Begin the Account Deletion Process

Here are some key things to note before cancelling your Workday account:

Contact HR First

  • Corporate administrators frequently manage account management for Workday. 
  • Your HR department can confirm the deletion process for your organisation. 
  • They may also have internal procedures you must follow, such as contacting a manager or submitting an exit form.

Download Necessary Documents

  • Workday can hold crucial employment-related records, such as pay stubs or tax forms. 
  • Before deleting your account, download and keep any documents you may need in the future.

Understand Data Retention

  • Your employer can retain part of your data even after cancellation for legal or regulatory purposes. 
  • Consult your HR department's data retention policy to determine what information will be kept and for how long.

Consider Reactivation

  • Depending on your company's setup, cancellation might not be permanent. 
  • In some situations, your HR department may be able to restore your account as needed. 
  • It is important to consider whether you are planning to use Workday again in the future.

Is Workday a Trustworthy Site?

Workday is a widely recognized platform with a good safety posture. They follow the latest industry standards to protect user data. 

However, no system is perfect. Security concerns such as phishing attacks targeting login credentials or criminal actors with insider access can continue to be a risk. 

It is always important to exercise caution when using any online platform and to maintain excellent cybersecurity practices.

While Workday has security measures in place, phishing scams and hackers can still exploit weaknesses. 

PurePrivacy empowers you to take control of your online presence, which is often linked to your Workday profile.

Prevent Data Theft and Scammers 

PurePrivacy is a robust privacy application that allows you to control your online privacy and protect your personal information. 

It focuses on securing your social media profiles and the information they contain.

How PurePrivacy Ensures Better Online Safety

Use the Tracker Blocker

  • Enables a local VPN on your device, with your permission. 
  • This VPN then prevents recognized trackers from communicating with their servers, restricting their ability to collect personal information.

Whitelist or Blacklist Trackers

  • Allows you to whitelist specified trackers that you believe are safe. 
  • You can also choose to blocklist certain trackers again later, giving you more control over which trackers can watch your activities.

Run a Privacy Scan

  • Your account's security is assessed depending on how you engage with PurePrivacy's offerings. 
  • The scan detects major risks related to incomplete actions. 
  • For example, it will indicate if you haven't scanned your social media accounts or turned on the tracker blocker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I delete an action from Workday?


    Most tasks you start but can not complete can be cancelled or deleted from your Workday Inbox.

    1. Open the task in your Inbox, and click on the Gear wheel icon in the upper right corner.
    2. After that, click on the Cancel or Delete.
    3. Then click on Submit to complete the activity.

  • Can you delete an application in Workday?


    To view or withdraw an application, select the Manage () button to see additional options. To see the entire job application, select View Application. To withdraw your application, select the Withdraw Application option. Withdrawing your application removes you from consideration for the position.

  • Can you delete goals in Workday?


    Yes, you can.
    1. Delete goal: This permanently deletes the goal from Workday and can not be restored.
    2. Archive goal: This feature allows you to remove goals from your Individual Goals page that are no longer applicable to your current role (connected with a former job) or from an earlier year.

  • Why has my Workday account been locked?


    After many unsuccessful login attempts, your account will automatically lock due to safety reasons. You can recover your account:
    1. Click the Forgot Password link and reset your password.
    2. A password reset link will be delivered to the email address associated with your Workday account.

    While you can not delete your Workday account directly, you may cancel it through HR or contact Workday support for a similar option.

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Delete Account and Enhance Safety

Remember to download important documents before the deadline and consider data retention policies.

For added privacy, look into apps like PurePrivacy to manage social media connections related to Workday.