How To Delete Zulily Account In 2024

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  • 27 April 2024
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Even though Zulily may have shut down its doors on Money Saving Mom, however your personal information might be exposed. 

And this publicly available information can be stored and harvested by malicious hackers and threat actors. 

To remove and protect your private data, this guide explains how you can delete your Zulily account, erasing your order history and personal data from their systems. 

What is Zulily?

Zulily is an American online store that offers flash sales where customers can get amazing deals and savings on a wide range of items for the home, kids, and women. Every day, new sales events are added to the website, which offers toys, home products, clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. 

You can browse the website, select items, and place orders. You may also register for free email alerts regarding upcoming sales events. To offer a wide variety of products at affordable rates, the product offerings are always being updated.

Why Should I Delete Account from Zulily?

Even though Zulily shut down operations in February 2023, there are a few reasons to cancel your account. Here are a few:

Reduce Potential Dangers 

Data breaches are common among public platforms like Zulily. And, canceling your account can help reduce the risk of being exposed to prying eyes, data harvesters, and malicious actors. 

Minimize Spam and Ads

You will no longer get promotional emails or newsletters as soon as you delete your account from Zulily's mailing list.

Maintain Digital Hygiene

Protecting your online activities can give you more control over your personal information. 

How to Delete Your Zulily Account

  1. First of all, go to and log in to your account.
  1. Once you log in, click on the My Account button on the top right side of the home page.
  1. Then the drop-down menu will open, click on the Account Info option from there.
  1. Then your account info page will open where you will see a Close and Erase Account button, simply click on that button.
  1. Once you click on that button a popup message will appear. 
  2. To confirm the deletion of your account, click on the No, Close, and Erase Account button.

Zulily will review your application for account deletion and the process will take up to one month.

What Happens When You Delete Your Zulily Account?

Before you bid farewell to a Zulily account, here are a few things to consider:

Account Cancellation

You can’t access any of its features once you delete a Zulily account.

Delete Personal Information 

Zulily will remove your name, email address, billing information, and shipping address. 

No More Order History

All orders will be canceled and no deliveries will be made. In addition, the order numbers, item descriptions, and payment information for any past orders will be deleted.

No Benefits 

You will lose access to referral bonuses, loyalty rewards, and participation in Zulily's flash sales, or product discounts.

Is Zulily a Secure Website? Here’s the Deal 

Zulily uses high-end security measures like encryption to secure your payment details and online transactions. But remember, no public, online platform is foolproof from malicious attacks:

  • Seller Reviews: Be wary of sellers and only look for those with positive reviews and avoid deals that seem unrealistic.
  • Phishing Attacks: Cybercriminals might try to harvest your information through fake emails or websites. Don't click on suspicious links or share personal details.

Get Added Protection

While Zulily provides security features, consider using PurePrivacy for an extra layer of protection:

  • Privacy Tweaks: PurePrivacy helps you protect your online presence by allowing you to control what information you share.
  • Secure Browsing: It can help you assess and avoid online scams that could steal your credit card details.

Stay Secure Online

Zulily's security combined with your awareness and potentially PurePrivacy can significantly improve your online shopping experience.

PurePrivacy Improves the Safety of Your Online Activity

It is more important than ever to protect your private data. With the help of PurePrivacy, you can protect your online identity and take control of your digital security with multiple privacy options available.

What Do You Get?

Tracker Blocker

Prevent known online trackers from communicating with their domains. 

Whitelist or Blacklist Trackers

Gain a more enhanced control over tracker blocking. You can whitelist trackers that you consider safe and blacklist others.

Run a Privacy Scan

Analyze significant threats related to your account using an analysis of pending actions for each feature. It identifies areas where you can improve your privacy posture.

Assess Data Brokers

Identify any exposed data and analyze the risk of information gathered by data brokers.

View Data Broker Details

PurePrivacy categorizes data brokers into four groups for your convenience: marketing, people search, recruitment, and risk reduction. This enables you to simply access and examine the information stored by each data broker category.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What happened to Zulily?


    By the end of last year, the company had shut down, started selling its assets, and filed bankruptcy. Former employees said they saw the end coming in last May 2023 when Qurate sold Zulily to a private equity company, Regent.

  • What happens if I do not see the delete option?


    You might not see a delete option based on the region you are logging in. If you do not see a delete option on your account's details page, contact [email protected].

  • Is Zulily developed in America?


    Zulily is an American e-commerce firm. Zulily, based in Seattle, Washington, sells clothes, toys, and household items. Zulily was founded in 2009 by Blue Nile executives Mark Vadon and Darrell Cavens.

  • How long does it take to receive a package from Zulily?


    Products may take up to three weeks to arrive after placing an order. They have a reasonable return policy for the majority of their products. However, some products can be shown as non-returnable at the time of purchase due to vendor agreements.

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Stay Safe and Be Mindful!

By deleting an unused Zulily account, you can reduce data exposure and avoid potential future risks. The above guide has covered all the steps for account deletion.

Do you want extra control online? Consider PurePrivacy to manage your digital footprints across platforms, reducing your data vulnerability.

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