How to Remove Email Address from AT&T in 2024

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  • 8 July 2024
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Are you ready to scrap your AT&T email account? You have come to the right place. Find out how you can permanently remove an AT&T account following our comprehensive guide. 

What is AT&T?

AT&T Inc. is a worldwide telecommunications holding company based in the Whitacre Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas. It is the world's third-largest telecommunications corporation in terms of revenue, and the second-largest wireless provider in the United States. AT&T ranked 13th on the Fortune 500 list of the largest US firms in 2023, with revenues of $122.4 billion.

Why Is It Important to Remove Your AT&T Email Account?

Removing your AT&T email account may not be required for everyone, but here are a few reasons you might consider it:

Enhance Data Security 

  • Most cyber criminals target a dormant email account 
  • You can delete it to cut off any entry point for unwanted access and protect your private information.

Reduce Clutter 

  • You can organize your inbox emails with fewer accounts at hand
  • You can spend less time sorting through emails and more time focusing on what's important.

Limit Data Collection

  • Cut down the amount of information AT&T collects about you. 
  • This contains details such as your email address, contacts, and browsing history. 
  • While AT&T has a privacy policy that outlines how they collect and utilize data, canceling your account may give you more control over your private data.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Remove Your AT&T Email Account

Here is how to remove your AT&T email account:

  1. First of all, go to and enter your User ID and password.
  2. Once logged in, locate the profile section. This may be called Profile or My Profile depending on the AT&T account interface.
  3. You may control your contact information in your profile settings. This may fall under "Contact Info" or a similar heading.
  4. Under contact information, you should see several options for managing various contact details. Locate and choose the Email tab.
  5. The email tab has an area for your AT&T email account. It might be called a Free AT&T Email Account or something similar.
  6. After that to your AT&T email address, you will find an option to Manage your account. If you don't see that option, it means your account can't be canceled, most likely because it is linked to an active service.
  7. Clicking Manage should bring up further options for your email account. Look for a button or link that says Delete Account or anything similar.
  8. When you click Delete Account, you will most likely be asked to confirm your decision. A confirmation message may prompt you to re-enter your password for security reasons.
  9. After confirming the deletion, your account will be disabled. You can confirm this by attempting to log into your email address. You should no longer have access to the account.

Important Things to Consider Before Removing Your AT&T Email Account

Here are important factors to keep in mind before removing your email account from AT&T:

Linked Services

  • If your AT&T email account is associated with any active AT&T services, such as Internet, phone, or DirectTV, deleting the email could have an impact on those services. 
  • It is critical to check with AT&T support to determine any potential impact on your other subscriptions.

Grace Period

  • Even if you haven't used your AT&T email in a while, if it was previously associated with a paid service within the prior 30-60 days, deletion may be impossible. 
  • AT&T may impose a waiting period following service cancellation before permitting email account closure.

Vital Data

  • When deleting your account, make sure you have moved any significant emails, contacts, or documents related to it. 
  • You may generally export your contacts and download emails via the AT&T email settings. 
  • Losing crucial data is a major drawback, so make sure to back everything up first.

Safety Issues

  • Deleting an inactive account can improve security by removing an invitation for hackers, and examining whether any sensitive information is still saved within the account. 
  • If so, be sure you've downloaded or transmitted the information before proceeding.

Forwarding Emails

  • If you wish to quit using your AT&T email but still need to retrieve old messages on occasion, try setting up email forwarding. 
  • This feature automatically sends incoming emails to a different active email address, allowing you to continue receiving essential communications while using a separate primary account.


  • If you're unsure about deleting an account, simply making it inactive can be a temporary solution. 
  • However, dormant accounts with residual data can still be susceptible, so assess the security risks before preserving an unused account.

Is AT&T a Secure Platform?

AT&T, like most internet service providers, uses security measures to protect user data. However, no platform is completely risk-free. 

Phishing scams that target your AT&T login credentials, malware that infects devices via malicious links, and data breaches in which attackers get access to user information are all potential security hazards.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I cancel my AT&T account?


    - Sign in using your User ID and Password.
    - Select View Profile from the Top Navigation Profile.
    - From the Account Users menu, select Manage Sub-Accounts.
    - Select Delete next to the account you wish to delete.

  • How do I erase all of my AT&T emails?


    - Select one or more messages by ticking the boxes next to the email addresses.
    - Alternatively, click the Choose All icon at the top to choose all of the shown messages.
    - Click the Delete icon at the top of the page.
    - If prompted, click OK.

  • How can I restore deleted ATT emails?


    Missing emails can be recovered with the Missing Mail Restore function. Please complete a restore request form, and we will handle the rest!

  • Is the ATT user ID an email?


    Your Member ID is the unique name you chose when you signed up for AT&T service. This is the same as your email address. You may find your Member ID on your phone bill, under the Internet section. Your Member ID will look like this: [email protected].

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Wrapping Up 

To summarize, deleting your AT&T email account might be a simple process, but you must consider factors such as related services, data backup, and potential security concerns. 

By following the simple, aforementioned process and recognizing the significance of online privacy, you may successfully delete your AT&T email account. 

If you are worried about online privacy and impersonation attacks, use PurePrivacy to do all the privacy legwork for you.