How to Remove Your Email from PSN Account 2024

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  • 18 April 2024
  • 9 mins read

If you are not using your PlayStation Network (PSN) account anymore, update your current email address to a new or existing one. It may be necessary to update the email associated with a PlayStation account to maintain access and guarantee security. 

To complete this process, you must first update the sign-in credentials after gaining access to the appropriate settings on your console or using a web browser. We will guide you through the process of removing or changing your email from your PSN account.

What is PSN?

Sony Interactive Entertainment offers the PlayStation Network (PSN), a digital media and entertainment service. 

PSN debuted in November 2006 and was first designed to work with PlayStation video game consoles, but it quickly expanded to support high-definition televisions, cellphones, tablets, and BluRay players. This service, which took over from Sony Entertainment Network in 2015, allows users to save games and other content on their PlayStation console accounts.

Why Should You Remove Your Email from a PSN Account?

Although it's crucial to keep your PSN account information current, there are a few reasons you might want to think about taking your email address off. But it's important to consider the security concerns very carefully. 

77 million PSN members' accounts were compromised in a 2011 data breach, underlining the possible harm if your email is compromised. Removing your email removes the recovery option if you lose your login credentials, but it can also lessen the effects of targeted phishing attacks. 

How to Remove an Email from a PSN Account

Following are the steps to remove or change your email address from your PSN account.

Step 1: Visit the Sony website and log into your PSN account.

remove email from psn account login

Step 2: From the menu on the left, select the Security tab.

remove email from psn account select security tab

Step 3: In the Sign-in ID (Email Address) column, click Edit.

click edit

Step 4: Click Save after entering your new email address.

Step 5: The new email address will thereafter receive an email with a link for verification. To confirm the new Sign-in ID, simply click the link, and adhere to the instructions.

What Safety Measures to Take for PSN Account Security?

To keep your PlayStation account secure, use a combination of strong passwords, verification procedures, and processes for getting back in if something goes wrong. Here's how to ensure the safety and security of your gaming experience.

Configure Two-Step Verification

Setting up 2-step verification (2SV) is essential to protect your account. This is the best process:

  • Go to Account Settings by clicking here. You may access the security settings via the website or your PlayStation system.
  • Find the 2SV option by searching.
  • To get verification codes, link a mobile number.
  • To activate the two-step verification function, answer the instructions.

Verify the Updated Email

Verification is required when changing your sign-in ID (email) to avoid unwanted access:

  • Enter a new email address in the account settings.
  • Keep an eye out for a PlayStation verification email.
  • Click the button or link for verification to verify your new email address.

How to Change PlayStation Email on PS Vita / PS TV

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > PlayStation Network from the system home screen and enter your password.

Step 2: On the Account Information screen, change your email address and click Confirm.

Step 3: Using the URL you received, confirm your new Sign-in ID.

An email will be sent to your old email address informing that you have removed the email from your PSN account, and an email notifying your new address that you have linked this email with your PSN account will be sent to your new email address.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I change the email address associated with my PS4 PlayStation account?


    On a PS4, updating your email is easy. Turn on your console first, then select the 'Settings' option. Choose "Account Management" after that, followed by "Account Information," and finally "Sign-in ID." You can enter your new email address and save your changes after you've entered your password.

  • In what way can I change my email address on a PlayStation 5 account?


    The process of changing your email on the PS5 is comparable to that of the PS4. Go to "Settings," then "User Accounts," and finally "Account." Choose "Sign-in ID," type in your current password, and then enter the new email address in place of the old one. You're good to go once you confirm the update.

  • How can I delete an email that I've already used from my PlayStation account?


    You must first replace an old email with a new one to erase the old one. An email that is not set up as your primary method of contact with PlayStation services cannot be deleted from your account.

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Robust Your PSN Account Safety!

Removing your email from your PSN account is a decision that has both pros and cons. 

Although it can lessen the effect of specific phishing attempts if your email is compromised, it also removes an important recovery method and disconnects you from Sony's critical updates. 

If you choose to move forward, make sure you have a robust security setup, including two-factor authentication and a strong password.