How to Remove Phone Number from Bing Places in 2024

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  • 21 June 2024
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Having your personal phone number exposed publicly online might be a privacy risk. 

If your phone number appears on the Bing Places business listing, you should immediately remove it. 

This guide will help you remove your phone number from Bing Places, thereby protecting your privacy and avoiding unwanted calls.

What Are Bing Places?

Bing Places for Business is a free online network of local businesses. 

Listed businesses are displayed on the top or right side of the Bing search results page. Include information such as the address, contact information, and operating hours.

Your business listing can help your brand's online visibility by improving local Bing and Bing Maps search rankings.

Why Is It Important to Remove Phone Number from Bing Places?

There are various reasons why deleting your private phone number from Bing Places can be needed:

Maintaining Your Privacy

  • This is a major concern. 
  • An unusual phone number listing might result in unsolicited calls, spam, and even misuse.

Greater Safety Risks

  • Having a phone number easily accessible online can raise the possibility of phishing attacks or other scams. 
  • Scammers might use your phone number to deceive you into providing private data or sending money.

Disappointing Customer Experience

  • If your company does not utilise a phone for communication, sharing the wrong number might be inconvenient for you and new customers. 
  • Potential consumers might call the wrong number, wasting their time, or just quit contacting you. 
  • This can harm your company's reputation and lead to missed sales.

Establishing a Professional Image

  • If your phone number is incorrectly published or belongs to a closed business, deleting it from Bing Places allows you to control your privacy and ensure potential customers have accurate contact information.

How to Remove Your Phone Number from Bing Places

  1. First of all, go to and log in to your account.
  2. After that, click on your email address at the top right corner of the screen and then click on Preferences from the dropdown menu.
  1. Then remove your phone number and then click on the Save button.

That is how you can remove your phone number from Bing Places.

Important Things to Consider Before Deleting Your Phone Number from Bing Places

Before removing your phone number from Bing Places, here are some key considerations:

Correct Listing

  • Check that the business listing information, other than your phone number, is correct and up to date. 
  • If you are connected to a real business listing, removing the phone number could be difficult for potential customers.

Alternatives to Removal

  • If the business is still open and you want to keep the listing, you might provide a different phone number for contact. 
  • This might be a business line or another number you feel comfortable disclosing publicly.

Effect on Local SEO

  • Bing Places listings contribute to local search engine optimization. 
  • Removing the listing completely could affect how quickly potential customers might find the company online, particularly for local searches.

Is Bing Places Considered a Secure Platform?

While Bing Places is not naturally dangerous, certain risks are associated with using any online platform. 

The most serious security risk with Bing Places is the possibility of incorrect or out-of-date company listings. This can result in customers being led to the wrong phone numbers or possibly receiving deceptive information. 

It is vital to practise caution when utilising any online listing, including Bing Places, and to personally check details with the business whenever possible.

PurePrivacy can assist in reducing the risk by providing features like social media privacy scans. 

PurePrivacy can identify issues between your social media activity and Bing Places listings, which could disclose incorrect information. 

This can help you maintain correct internet data and secure yourself from scams.

Protect Your Private Data from Breaches

PurePrivacy is a comprehensive privacy management application that helps you maintain control of your online safety and data. 

The app ensures your information is managed on social media and deleted from data brokers.

How PurePrivacy Enhances Your Privacy

Remove My Data

  • With your permission, PurePrivacy can make data removal requests for supported data brokers on your behalf. 
  • You can track the status of these requests and get updates using the PurePrivacy app.

Risk Score For Data Brokers

  • PurePrivacy evaluates potential risks related to your data kept by data brokers. 
  • This can be done by reviewing the brokers' privacy policies.

View Removal Requests

  • With PurePrivacy's simple interface, you can track the progress of data removal requests from data brokers.

View Data Broker Details

  • For your ease, purePrivacy divides data brokers into categories (marketing, people search, etc.). 
  • You can learn more about brokers and how they manage your private data.

Tracker Blocker

  • This feature sets up a VPN on your device with your consent. 
  • The VPN prevents recognized trackers from interacting with their respective domains, restricting their ability to obtain your browser history.

Privacy Scan

  • PurePrivacy assesses your overall privacy posture depending on your actions within the app. 
  • This allows you to identify areas where you may need to take more precautions to strengthen your security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I remove my Bing search history?


    1. Please sign in using your Microsoft account when visiting
    2. Scroll down to Search History, where you can see what you type when you use Bing to search for information online.
    3. Simply click the 'Clear Search History' button.

  • How can I delete a website from Bing's search results?


    1. Log in to the Bing Webmaster Tools account.
    2. Enter the URL you found in the Bing site results into the Content URL entry field (using the browser's Copy 3. Shortcut/Copy Link Address features).
    3. Select the Remove page from the dropdown menu under Removal type.
    4. Click on the Submit button.

  • How can I completely remove Bing from Chrome?


    If you wish to remove Microsoft Bing from Chrome, change your default search engine to Google or Yahoo. To select the preferred option, navigate to 'Chrome settings' and select 'Search engine.' If you have the Bing extension installed, you can disable or remove it.

  • How can I stop Bing from tracking me?


    If Microsoft's Bing is your preferred search engine, you can remove your data using the privacy dashboard. Microsoft claims it collects information about the websites you visit to personalise your experience. To stop it from tracking your behaviour, select Browsing History and remove the data.

Reclaim Your Privacy and Stay Secure!

Regaining control of your online privacy is critical. 

Follow this guide to remove your phone number from Bing Places and reduce the chance of receiving unwanted calls or fraud. 

Consider its effect on your local SEO ranking if the listing is for a reputable business.

While Bing Places is not generally unsafe, incorrect listings can be problematic. 

PurePrivacy can assist in decreasing this risk by providing features like social media privacy assessments.