FindPeopleSearch Opt Out: Personal Information Removal Guide 2024 

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  • 20 February 2024
  • 9 mins read

92% of Americans are concerned about their privacy when using the internet, and 62% of Americans don’t believe it’s possible to go through daily life without companies collecting data about them.

Websites like FindPeopleSearch sell consumer information, spread data about users, and make it available to the whole internet.

If you are concerned about your personal information being displayed on sites like, take control of your online privacy by following the Step-by-Step Instructions provided below and opt out.

Key Takeaways

  • FindPeopleSearch is a data broker that posts personal information online
  • FindPeopleSearch has a database. This platform offers essential personal information.
  • Privacy concerns arise when your information appears in the FindPeopleSearch database.
  • PurePrivacy is the most accessible and effective way to opt out of internet data brokers such as FindPeopleSearch.
  • PurePrivacy can help you better your online privacy and protect your online information.

What is FindPeopleSearch? is a website where a people search service can be availed that provides information relating to individuals, such as their phone contacts, address history and public records.

This aggregates the data from various available sources and displays it on a connected platform where all users can access it.

It has a huge impact on people who try to return to their old relationships with friends or family members or on people desiring to collect information about their possible new acquaintances.

The platform enlists and explains the guidelines which guide the proper use of the information according to the law.

How Does FindPeopleSearch Collect Your Data?

FindPeoplesearch and similar services can develop profiles on us using information from some sources, including:

  • Social Media Profiles
  • Public Records
  • Property Records 
  • Driving Records
  • Voter Registration Information
  • Criminal Records
  • Birth, Marriage, Divorce, and Death Records
  • Professional Licenses
  • Browser history
  • Data brokers
  • Third parties
  • Contact details

How Does FindPeopleSearch Use Your Data?

FindPeoplesearch uses personal data to provide services such as:

  • Identity Protection,
  • Dating Background Checks
  • Spam/Scam Call Identification
  • Property History Research
  • Neighbor Investigations
  • Identity verification for consumers
  • Personal Protection
  • Internal Analysis Purposes

Why Is Opting Out of FindPeopleSearch Important?

Individuals with evil intentions, such as hackers or harassers, may use this combined knowledge. To protect your privacy, you should opt out of FindPeoplesearch. 

This protects your privacy and reduces the chance that your information will be used for unlawful purposes.

Manual FindPeopleSearch Opt-Out: Step-By-Step

To opt out of FindPeoplesearch, follow these instructions:

Step 1 

To start the removal process, the first step should be to visit

Step 2

Scroll down the page and click “Customer Service” to access the opt-out page.

Step 3

The Customer Service page will have a form with an Opt-Out option in the Subject drop-down. 

Fill out the form as indicated by entering your full name, email address, and phone number, select Opt-Out for the Subject, and request the removal of your personal information from the website in the Comments/Questions box. Enter the verification code.

Step 4 

After completing the opt-out form, click on submit.

Note: Whenever contacting a data broker, we highly recommend using a disposable email address and NOT your primary email address. Data brokers are known to add you to their marketing lists and databases whenever you contact them, even if the purpose is to opt out!

Step 5

An on-screen notification will appear confirming your opt-out request. Your personal information will be removed from the website.

You can also call  at (786) 350-2744 to request to opt out of their marketing database or to request the deletion of your information.

Findpeoplesearch will answer all requests within 1-2 business days.

Opt-out of several data brokers using PurePrivacy

Screenshot of PurePrivacy's homepage

PurePrivacy is a comprehensive solution for maintaining your online profile and privacy. It provides internet security to ensure no unauthorized person can access your emails, steal your data, or impersonate you online.

A free version of the service is offered, with no credit card required. It is meant to be a complete tool that helps users manage their online privacy and make informed decisions about their digital footprint.

Instead of manually opting out of each data broker, try using PurePrivacy to send regular opt-out requests to several sites. 

You can save time while also quickly tracking each opt-out request. Furthermore, PurePrivacy lets you erase personal information from 90+ data broker websites with a few touches on your screen.

Steps to Opt-Out Using PurePrivacy

  • From web app:

    ● Visit the PurePrivacy website.

    ● Sign up to PurePrivacy.

    ● Create your profile.

    ● Provide us your consent.

    ● Once you allow authorization the opt out process will begin. Pure Privacy automatically starts the monitoring & opt out process for your information. First ask them if they have your data or not. If they have simply opted out of data on behalf of you. This all process was done within a short period of time. Also Send a weekly email summary that combines and summarizes the activity related to removing data.

    From Mobile App (Android & IOS):

    ● Launch PurePrivacy mobile app.

    ● Signup or Login to your account.

    ● Enter Details to create your profile.

    ● Allow us your express authorization to start the opt out process.

    ● Once you allow authorization the opt out process will begin. Pure Privacy automatically starts the monitoring & opt out process for your information. First ask them if they have your data or not. If they have simply opted out of data on behalf of you. This all process was done within a short period of time. Also Send a weekly email summary that combines and summarizes the activity related to removing data.

Manual Opt-Out Vs. PurePrivacy

Manual Opt-Out Method

  • It needs your assistance to continue and complete the procedure.
  • You have no way to affect or change the platform's policies.
  • You have to give your input throughout.
  • It could involve technological settings and procedures.
  • The opt-out method is often complex and lengthy.


  • It automatically secures your privacy.
  • It configures your security settings in advance.
  • It runs silently in the background to secure your privacy.
  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • It is fast and works with just one click.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Plus

    There are two places where you can join Find People Search. First, you can join directly from the search results page by clicking the green "Become a Member" button.

    Secondly, you can click on the "View Details" button from any search result. Doing so will take you directly to the record details page, where you can join if you still need to.

  • Plus

    Members get access to mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, relatives/friends, dates of birth, property records, marriage/divorce records, business records and more for any person found in our vast database.

  • Where did Find People Search get all this information on me?


    FindPeopleSearch gets all search result data from Public Records, which includes any document filed by a government agency.

    Common sources include marriage and divorce records, criminal records, real estate deeds, lawsuit filings, liens, professional licensing records, and published phone directories.

  • Simplify your online presence today

    With PurePrivacy, make sure all your personal data remains safe without a hassle!

The Most Crucial Thing Is Your Privacy!

Your personal information is helpful for the internet. Advertisers, marketers, and businesses exchange it for a large consumer base. 

When FindPeopleSearch gathers your data, the same thing happens. The best way is to opt out. 

PurePrivacy makes it easy to safeguard your data again.