Pitch Book Opt Out: Personal Information Removal Guide 2024

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  • 7 February 2024
  • 10 mins read

Over 75% of Americans are concerned about their digital privacy and security. Data brokers make people's data easily accessible to cybercriminals, contributing to an increase in scams and identity theft.

I created this PitchBook opt-out guide to help you opt out and protect your data. Explore these opt-out options and remove your data now.

Key Takeaways

  • PitchBook provides market data and intelligence solutions to help drive action for businesses in various industries.
  • They collect, analyze, and use people's personal information to run their operations, putting people's privacy and security at risk.
  • You can opt out of PitchBook manually through their website or automatically with PurePrivacy.
  • PurePrivacy can remove your data from PitchBook and all other data brokers within a minute.

What Is PitchBook?

John Gabbert founded PitchBook in 2007 to contribute to the growth and development of businesses in various industries. The company provides capital market data and intelligence solutions to help businesses take data-driven actions.

They have robust financial data and a vast client network that helps them insights that help their clients better navigate and capitalize on opportunities.

Your data and that of millions of users power this data broker's operations. Data safety is out of the equation here. Opting out is the only way to avoid the privacy issues that arise with such practices.

How PitchBook Collects Your Personal Information

PitchBook collects limited information  from clients and authorized users, such as:

  • Names
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Titles
  • Employer names
  • Physical addresses
  • Personal information
  • IP address
  • Geographical location
  • Calendar events

You might have given them some of the information they have about you by contacting them or filling out a form. They also use web trackers and cookies to get information from website visitors.

Visiting their website gives them access to your IP, unique advertiser ID, device type, browser, and more.

PitchBook gathers user's data from other sources, including:

  • Social media
  • Public records
  • Surveys
  • Online form

How PitchBook Uses Your Personal Information

PitchBook collects and uses your personal information to run its operations. It also collects your data to do the following:

  • Administer and support the relationships and contracts they have with you and your employer.
  • Provide updates about their services.
  • Monitor compliance with the terms of their services.
  • Enable third parties to provide services related to their offerings.
  • Provide relevant content.

PitchBook shares data with relevant legal and regulatory agencies thereby putting the affected clients in danger of tracking.

Additionally, they may share their personal data with a possible buyer or acquisition target in return for a partnership. It's no secret that your data is not safe with them, so opting out is the only way to protect it.

Why Is Opting Out of PitchBook Important?

Opting out of PitchBook and other data brokers is important for many reasons, including:

  • You will protect your data and reduce the risks of having your identity stolen or being scammed by cybercriminals.
  • PitchBook will no longer be able to sell your personal information.
  • You will stop the misuse and abuse of your personal information.
  • The number of targeted ads you see on your screens will reduce significantly.

How to Remove Your Data from PitchBook

It's vital to observe that by means of providing you with call details on the PitchBook webspace, your personal data might also be made available to others. If this concerns you, there are trustworthy alternatives for opting out of their webspace.

Method 1: The basic PitchBook opt-out procedure (Manual)

PitchBook Homepage

The PitchBook opt-out method is managed by Morningstar, which happens to be its parent website. Follow these detailed instructions to complete the process step-by-step.

Step 1: Visit the Morningstar website.

Step 2: Answer the question, 'What is your relationship with Morningstar?'

  • Select your relationship with Morningstar to proceed.
Answer the Pitchbook question

Step 3: Select the product you used to subscribe to.

  • Select "PitchBook".
  • Tap the 'Next' button to proceed.
Select the product you used to subscribe to, on pitchbook

Step 4: Select 'Type of request'

  • Select "I want to delete my personal data."
  • Tap the 'Next' button to proceed.
Type of request at pitchbook form

Step 5: Verify your identity

  • Fill out your information accordingly, including your email address.
  • Tap the 'Submit Request' button to submit your request.
Pitchbook Opt out form

 Your opt-out demand has been successfully submitted, and your data should be removed as soon as it is approved by Morningstar's admins.

Pitchbook opt out request sent

Method 2: Opt out with PurePrivacy (Automatic)

Screenshot of PurePrivacy's homepage

In lieu of new concerns regarding privacy protection on PitchBook's internet site, users can also find solace within the new characteristic presented with the aid of PurePrivacy, which streamlines the system of opting out from this platform.

It is crucial to note that non-public information shared on PitchBook is likewise likely a gift on other systems, which include Morningstar; however, PurePrivacy allows for expedient elimination from more than one website with only a few clicks.

PurePrivay's offerings include:

Automatic Data Removal

PurePrivacy offers a revolutionary provider referred to as "Remove My Data" that permits customers to secure admission to the platform by imparting minimum information. On the flip side, PurePrivacy will touch over a hundred thirty fact brokerages on their behalf to request the elimination of personal information from their databases.

Intuitive Interface

The intuitive PurePrivacy interface offers users complete data on numerous fact brokers, as well as the private records they gather and analyze. Using the threat ratings displayed on the dashboard, people can verify the privacy implications associated with each record dealer and make knowledgeable selections of their online sports.

How to Use PurePrivacy to Opt-Out

  • From web app:

    ● Visit the PurePrivacy website.

    ● Sign up to PurePrivacy.

    ● Create your profile.

    ● Provide us your consent.

    ● Once you allow authorization the opt out process will begin. Pure Privacy automatically starts the monitoring & opt out process for your information. First ask them if they have your data or not. If they have simply opted out of data on behalf of you. This all process was done within a short period of time. Also Send a weekly email summary that combines and summarizes the activity related to removing data.

    From Mobile App (Android & IOS):

    ● Launch PurePrivacy mobile app.

    ● Signup or Login to your account.

    ● Enter Details to create your profile .

    ● Allow us your express authorization to start the opt out process.

    ● Once you allow authorization the opt out process will begin. Pure Privacy automatically starts the monitoring & opt out process for your information. First ask them if they have your data or not. If they have simply opted out of data on behalf of you. This all process was done within a short period of time. Also Send a weekly email summary that combines and summarizes the activity related to removing data.

Manual Opt-Out Vs. PurePrivacy

Manual Opt-Out Method

  • Filling out the opt-out form does not guarantee success
  • You must be involved in every step of the opt-out process
  • Additional personal information is required during opt out
  • Follow-up emails might be required if you don't get a response
  • The opt-out process can be detailed and time-consuming


  • Works automatically to remove your data and secure your privacy
  • Will automatically remove your data from all data brokers
  • Only your consent is needed. Your input is not required
  • PurePrivacy will follow-up with PitchBook until they remove your data
  • Opts you out with just a few clicks and in less than a minute

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How long will it take to fill out my request on Morningstar?


    Completing PitchBook's opt-out steps on the Morningstar platform should take you around 5-10 minutes.

  • When will my information be deleted from PitchBook?


    You should expect Morningstar to remove your data from PitchBook within 4 business days to 2-week intervals.

  • How does PitchBook's opt-out process work?


    For that, Morningstar will require your name, email, address, and phone number, among other details, which they then use to locate the record containing your information. Once found, they remove it from their website within their stipulated time frame.

  • Which service does PitchBook provide?


    PitchBook is a quality resource for research, data, and insights required to make informed decisions relating to capital markets. The platform also gives you insights into private companies’ top professionals and updates about your industries of interest.

  • Why should I opt out of PitchBook?


    Cybercriminals, including hackers and identity thieves, may misuse your private data on PitchBook. Consequently, you become linked to crimes you know nothing about.

Simplify your online presence with PurePrivacy

With PurePrivacy, make sure all your personal data remains safe without a hassle!

Protect Your Digital Privacy

Leaving your data at PitchBook increases your chances of being scammed or having your identity stolen. You can use PurePrivacy to remove your data from all data brokers to tighten your online security and protect your data. Opt out now to protect your digital privacy.

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