Private Eye Opt Out: Personal Information Removal Guide 2024

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  • 12 February 2024
  • 13 mins read
  • exposes personal details online, from addresses to criminal records.
  • Opting out of PrivateEye requires filling out a form, but the removal time is unspecified.
  • Data from platforms like PrivateEye originates from public records, with various applications.
  • Use caution on such platforms due to potential privacy risks.
  • Regain control over your information by navigating Private Eye's opt-out process.
  • Explore PurePrivacy for a streamlined solution to enhance online privacy by removing your data from broker databases.

Private Eye's data collection is like a digital puzzle. They begin by using digital spiders to search the internet for bits of information on websites and social media. They also dig into real-world records like property and marriage documents. Private Eye partners with data brokers to expand their data sources. They gather data from user interactions and submissions on their platform and through third-party apps. They also use tracking technology and even trickery to collect data. Understanding this process is vital for safeguarding your data and controlling your digital presence in today's data-driven world.

Method 1: Opt-out directly from Private Eye’s website

Step 1: Visit Private Eye's website

  • Fill in the opt out form available on the website.
  • Once the relevant details like first, middle and last name are added along with the state.
  • Verify you're human.
  • Submit the information.
  • Click the "Opt out" tab.
  • Once the opt-out form has been submitted, your data removal journey will be in process.
  • Though Private Eye doesn't commit to a timeframe but it should be gone within a week or so if not more.
Screenshot of PurePrivacy as a one-stop solution
  • PurePrivacy's Remove My Data feature combats this threat. Users provide basic details, and PurePrivacy sends data removal requests to 130+ data brokers. While verification isn't guaranteed, it confirms deletion from publicly accessible databases.
  • PurePrivacy offers a dashboard displaying data brokers and their collected
    information, with risk scores. Users can track removal requests, communicate with brokers, and receive weekly reports. Removal time varies, typically 30-60 days.

Opting out manually from Private Eye

  • Go to the Private Eye website.
  • Find the opt-out form at
  • Fill in and submit the opt-out form.
  • And that’s all - you’re done!


  • Launch the app (10 seconds)
  • Create a profile (10 seconds)
  • Give consent (10 seconds)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Private Eye legit?


    Private Eye is a website offering personal information search services, but its legitimacy and privacy practices have raised concerns. While it might provide accurate information, there have been issues with outdated or incorrect data. It's important to be cautious and aware of potential privacy risks when using such services.

  • How does Private Eye get my information?


    Private Eye collects information from publicly available sources like public records, online directories, and social media profiles to create a consolidated database. This information is readily accessible, but the service aggregates it, potentially raising privacy concerns.

  • How long does it take to opt out of Private Eye?


    The duration for opting out of Private Eye can vary. While the website doesn't commit to a specific timeline for removing your information, it's generally expected that the process should be completed within approximately a week.

  • Does Private Eye get my data back after the opt-out process?


    Once you've gone through the opt-out process on Private Eye, your information should be removed from their platform. However, it's important to note that data handling and retention practices can vary, so there's no guarantee that your data won't be stored elsewhere or reappear in the future. Moreover, PurePrivacy does that seamlessly for the user by freeing them of the hassle of checking it over and over again with its automated process.

  • How can I directly contact Private Eye?


    If you intend to get in touch with them, you can usually locate a "Contact Us" section on their website. This section will help provide the contact form, email address, or customer support details that you require.

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