Traackr Opt Out: Personal Information Removal Guide 2024

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  • 9 February 2024
  • 10 mins read

The median loss of phone call scams in 2022 is $1,400. Scammers easily get people’s contact details from people-search platforms and data brokers like Tracckr. 

Opting out and removing your data is the best way to protect yourself and prevent falling victim to cyber crimes. This Traackr opt-out guide will show you how to remove your data from this platform and regain your digital freedom. 

Key Takeaways

  • Traackr serves as a completely unique social fabric, tracking how individuals engage through its platform.
  • Traackr lets you opt out of their database and stop their use of your non-public records. 
  • You can opt out of Traackr manually or use PurePrivacy, which is faster and more effective. 
  • You have complete control over your digital footprint and privacy with PurePrivacy, as it enables you to opt out of Traackr and dozens of other data brokers.

What is Traackr, and What Does it Do?

Traackr is a revolutionary social platform designed to show how people interact with various brands. 

Traackr claims to be grounded in a mindset that aligns properly with high client safety standards when they clearly have certified fraudsters as business partners leaking client data from one website to another in the name of corporate aggrandizement.

Although Traackr views its contemporary tech and proficient team as effective tools for driving development, such strides have been revealed to be only beneficial to them and its partners, clients not included. 

It operates on people’s personal information, raising digital privacy and security concerns. Data privacy and security are not guaranteed on this platform, so opting out is the best shot you have at protecting your data. 

How Traackr Collects Your Personal Information

Traackr, like many others, gathers private data when individuals use its platform. Some of the personal information they collect from users include:

  • Names
  • Email addresses 
  • Postal addresses 
  • Online identifiers 
  • Social media handles

Nonetheless, it beats my imagination how Traackr would go as far as collecting personal information from third parties who accept to sell client data to them to prove to you that these guys are in a big data trade fair.

If you're curious about why Traackr stores so much of your data, the answer is not difficult. And it is not just because their website utilizes your personal info to differentiate you from different users; they quite frankly want to sell it, exposing you to great danger.

How Traackr Utilizes Your Precious Data

Traackr basically uses your personal information to run its operations. Without your data and that of others, Traackr will not be in business today. 

They collect and analyze your personal information to help businesses make data-driven decisions and grow. 

Besides using your data to run its operations, Traackr can also share your data with its partners and other organizations to secure alliances. 

They can also sell your data to marketing agencies, advertisers, researchers, and others. As your data moves from one database to another, privacy and security are not assured. 

Opting out is the surest way to protect your personal information and prevent its misuse, abuse, and sale. 

Why is Opting Out of Traackr Important?

You don’t want anyone tracking your whereabouts or sharing your personal information with their partners for profit. Guarding your digital privacy should be your number one priority, and you should grab every opt-out opportunity you have. 

Opting out of Traackr will prevent you from being monitored and remove your data from their database. It will keep you out of the reach of hackers, scammers, and other illicit online activities. Opt out now to protect your data and digital privacy.

How to Remove Your Data from Traackr

You can ask for your data on Traackr to be deleted. If you are worried about the privacy of your data, there are two main ways that you can opt out of Traackr's data collection. See the details!

Method 1: The Basic Opt-Out Procedure (Manual)

Step 1: Visit the Traackr website.

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the homepage

  • Click “Do not sell my personal information.”

Step 3: Fill out the “Data Opt-Out Request” form

  • Fill out your personal details, including your email address and all the relevant details needed.
  • Then tap the ‘Submit’ button.

Your data will be removed within a few days if approved by the site management.

Method 2: Opt-Out with PurePrivacy - The Fastest Way Out of Data Compromise

Screenshot of PurePrivacy's homepage

If you are tired of going through the long and rigorous methods of opting out and removing your data from data brokers, it’s time to try a simpler solution - PurePrivacy. This one-stop data privacy solution can help you opt out of dozens of data brokers, including Traackr, with just a few clicks. 

Its other offerings include:

Remove My Data

PurePrivacy’s proprietary “Remove My Data” feature comes in handy when requesting the removal of your data from data brokers. Engaging this feature will give PurePrivacy permission to opt you out of all data brokers with your personal information.

Full Digital Control

When you use PurePrivacy, you are in control of your data and digital life. Your data is yours and yours alone, and you decide who can access it. 

Steps to Opt-Out Using PurePrivacy

  • From web app:

    ● Visit the PurePrivacy website.

    ● Sign up to PurePrivacy.

    ● Create your profile.

    ● Provide us your consent.

    ● Once you allow authorization the opt out process will begin. Pure Privacy automatically starts the monitoring & opt out process for your information. First ask them if they have your data or not. If they have simply opted out of data on behalf of you. This all process was done within a short period of time. Also Send a weekly email summary that combines and summarizes the activity related to removing data.

    From Mobile App (Android & IOS):

    ● Launch PurePrivacy mobile app.

    ● Signup or Login to your account.

    ● Enter Details to create your profile.

    ● Allow us your express authorization to start the opt out process.

    ● Once you allow authorization the opt out process will begin. Pure Privacy automatically starts the monitoring & opt out process for your information. First ask them if they have your data or not. If they have simply opted out of data on behalf of you. This all process was done within a short period of time. Also Send a weekly email summary that combines and summarizes the activity related to removing data.

Manual Opt-Out Vs. PurePrivacy

  • You must be involved in the process
  • You have no control over when your data will be removed
  • You need to submit more details to opt out
  • Technical knowledge and experience are required
  • The opt-out process can be detailed and time-consuming
  • Works automatically to remove your data and secure your privacy
  • Will automatically remove your data from all data brokers
  • Only your consent is needed. Your input is not required
  • You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it
  • Opts you out with just a few clicks and in less than a minute

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Who uses Traackr?


    Traackr is used by an extensive range of companies, from small startups to large companies. It is especially appropriate for agencies that focus heavily on influencer advertising and require an effective tool to manage their relationships with influencers.

  • How does Traackr work?


    Traackr uses a variety of methods to identify influencers, including social media monitoring, keyword searches, and industry databases.

  • Why should I be concerned about my information on Traackr?


    Your information is accessible to anybody on Traackr, which raises the possibility of identity theft, fraud, privacy invasions, and unsolicited marketing campaigns.

  • Can I block Traackr's calls individually?


    Since Traackr uses multiple phone numbers, it can be difficult to block their calls one at a time. To cut down on or get rid of unsolicited calls, it's more effective to ask that your contact details be added to Traackr's no-contact list.

  • Which opt-out method should I choose?


    Depending on your preferences and desired level of convenience, you can choose between manual opt-out and PurePrivacy. Opting out manually is simple but might require some perseverance. For people who want to save time and effort, PurePrivacy is an automated and effective solution.

  • Simplify your online presence today

    With PurePrivacy, make sure all your personal data remains safe without a hassle!

Enhance Your Online Privacy

Your data is unsafe on Traackr and other data brokers. Leaving your personal information on this platform exposes you to scams and identity theft. 

That is why it is advisable to make PurePrivacy your privacy companion in an attempt to secure your information online. 

And, PurePrivacy will restore your dominance in just a matter of seconds.