How to Claim Your Lost Facebook Page in 2024

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  • 14 May 2024
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When it comes to Facebook pages, ownership means having the right to control the page. This can mean creating a brand-new page specifically for your company or taking ownership of an already-existing one that was possibly created by another person. 

In the last case, you must usually provide documentation or complete the verification procedures to show Facebook that you are the legitimate owner. 

By taking possession of the page, you ensure your company has an acceptable online identity by exercising complete control over its content, settings, and audience.

Information required for Claiming a Facebook page

If you want to claim admin access to your Facebook Page, you must provide the following information:

Identification Verification

You need a formal government ID that includes your name, birth date, and picture (passport, driver's license, etc.).

Confirmation of Ownership of the Company

A formal business record that shows your company name and location, such as a utility bill or tax document. 

Written Administrative Dispute Letter

This letter outlines your circumstances and justifies your access recovery.

Claiming a Facebook Page

By Requesting Admin To Give Back Your Page

While you are in the Page Settings / Page Role section, you see the notification below regarding a pending partner request. You can send an Admin Dispute Request directly.

Facebook pending partner request.

From Facebook Page Navigation

You can change the page owner only from a computer or PC. To assign or alter the page owner, follow these steps.

Step 1: Click your profile photo in the upper right corner of Facebook after logging in.

Step 2: Choose the desired page to utilize.

Step 3: Toggle the Page picture in the upper right corner.

Step 4: After choosing Settings & privacy, choose Settings.

Step 5: Choose New Pages experience from the menu on the left, and then click on Page Transparency.

Step 6: Click Manage, located underneath Claim this Page.

Step 7: Click Assign after choosing a verified organization to take ownership of your Page.

Through Facebook Business Manager

Follow these steps to claim a Facebook page through a business manager.

Step 1: Click the gear icon next to the name of your company account to access Facebook company Manager settings.

Search for the business account you own.

Step 2: Select "Business Assets" under the "Accounts" tab to see every Facebook page you are in charge of.

Business assets will let you know about all the Facebook pages you own.

Step 3: Click Add Assets. Select the Facebook Page option from there.

Select the Facebook page options.

Step 4: Next, select "Claim an existing Facebook Page."

The image shows the option to claim an existing Facebook page.

Step 5: Enter the Facebook Page's name or URL to complete the claim procedure and click Add Page.

By Contacting Facebook Support

You need to take these actions to use Facebook Help to claim your Facebook Page.

Step 1: Sign into Facebook.

Step 2: Use a name search to find your Local Page.

Step 3: To go further, click "Is this your business?"

The image shows Is this your business options.

Step 4: Select to combine the Local Page under your management with another Local Page. 

Claim or merge with a verified page and continue.

The second choice is to submit a document or follow the instructions to retrieve the page over the phone. We'll talk about the second choice now:

Step 5: Complete the claim form. You can select to claim the page containing papers however the default option is to claim your location over the phone. This option is located beneath the form.

Verifying your page through a phone call option.
Claiming the authority to Facebook page.

Claim Facebook Page Ownership Without Admin

If you don't recognize the company that controls your page, you might be able to provide Facebook with feedback. If the Page is controlled by a Business Account, Facebook may display a feedback option next to it.

Step 1: Click the “Give Feedback On This Button” option.

Select the Give Feedback option.

Step 2: After clicking that button there will be a popup notification. Select the option that best fits your needs. For instance, select "Unauthorized access" if you are unsure about the identity of the individual or business that owns your page. 

If not, you can also select "Something else." Upon selecting "Next," nothing will happen right away. But Facebook Support will contact you to get further details. Usually, this happens in less than a day.

Choose your option to give feedback to Facebook about the ownership.

What Privacy Practice Should I Do After Getting My Lost Page?

To safeguard your account, go to the page you have recovered after being hacked or taken over. Update your password and check your previous login history.

  1. Put a strong password or updated email address.
  2. Update your birthdate or name.
  3. Accept friend requests only from those whom you know well.
  4. Maintain your social media engagement wisely.
  5. Don't follow or like unnecessary posts or advertisements.
  6. Set two-factor authentication.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How much time does it take to claim a Facebook page completely?


    Facebook will normally review your account from 48 hours to 45 days, depending on the nature of the issue you are having with the page.

  • Do I need to pay to claim a Facebook page?


    No, it is completely free to claim a Facebook page. You can administer an already-existing page that you are linked to or claim ownership of an unmanaged page.

  • Plus

    Possibly not. You can claim a Facebook page if you have the authority to oversee the company, even if you are not the legal owner (e.g., employee, or marketing manager). However, in a dispute, ownership may need to be proven.

  • What if I'm having trouble claiming a Facebook page?


    You might be able to file a Page admin dispute if you can't get Facebook access to the Page from someone who has complete authority over Facebook access.

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Get Your Business Back From Facebook 

Having a Facebook Business page is super important. Most businesses use Facebook to advertise their stuff because it helps them create a strong online presence. 

These pages let people find your products, see what others say about you, and check out your hours and locations. 

With all its features, having a Facebook Business page is key to promoting your brand and connecting with customers.

It's easy to claim your local Facebook page with the right steps. With the guide above you are good to go!