How Do I Comment Anonymously on Facebook

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  • 14 June 2024
  • 6 mins read

Are you reluctant to express yourself on Facebook for fear of being seen by your grandma? 

You are not alone. 

While Facebook does not provide absolute anonymity for comments, there may be a way to make your imprint without revealing your identity completely. Get in and find the mysteries of anonymous Facebook comments!

4 Ways to Comment Anonymously on Facebook

Unfortunately, Facebook does not currently support anonymous comments within groups. However, there are a few measures to consider:

On Desktop

You cannot comment anonymously on postings made by other group members. You can, however, leave anonymous comments on posts that you have made.

Step 1: Navigate to the group where you anonymously posted, locate your Facebook post, and click "Comment."

Step 2: Write your comment, then click the comment symbol on the right side of the text box to post it.

On the Mobile Phone App

You can only leave anonymous comments on posts you have previously anonymously created, just like on the desktop.

Step 1: Go to the group where you anonymously posted, find your post, and then press "Comment."

Step 2: Write your comment, then press the comment symbol on the right side of the text box to post it.

By Checking Facebook Group Settings

Some Facebook groups may have the "Anonymous Posting" feature enabled by the group administrator. This allows you to publish and comment anonymously inside that group. 

You can find this option by heading to the group, hitting "About" and then "See group features."

By Making Anonymous Posts on Facebook Group

To post anonymously in a Facebook group, you must first be a member of the group. Note that you can only publish or comment anonymously in Facebook groups.

On Desktop

To create an anonymous post in a Facebook group, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: While in the Facebook group, click "Anonymous Post" just below the "Write something" text box.

click "Anonymous Post"

Step 2: A small window will pop up after clicking on the anonymous post. Select "Create an anonymous post."

Select "Create an anonymous post"

Step 3: Write your post while the "Post Anonymously" toggle is enabled. 

Write your post while the "Post Anonymously" toggle is enabled

Step 4: You don't have to be afraid to replace your hard drive. It is possible to integrate media or a Facebook poll. 

Step 5: When done, click the "Submit" button.

On the Mobile Phone App

Once you've joined a Facebook group, you may easily create an anonymous post using the Facebook app for iPhone or Android.

Step 1: While in the Facebook group, select "Anonymous Post" from the list of options underneath the "Write Something" text box.

select "Anonymous Post" from the list of options

Step 2: Tap "Got it."

Tap "Got it."

Step 3: Once you've finished writing your post, click "Submit" in the top-right corner.

click "Submit" in the top-right

Even while Facebook does not provide real anonymity for comments within groups, taking control of your online privacy is still important. The appearance of anonymity might give users a false sense of security. 

Their browser patterns and online behavior can be tracked, which may lead to identity theft or manipulation by nefarious actors. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is there a safer method of commenting without disclosing my real identity?


    While not optimal solutions, there are two alternatives:

    Create a fake account. This is against Facebook's guidelines and can result in a ban. It also poses privacy threats to the information you share.
    Create a new account using a temporary email address and profile picture: This is another violation of the conditions and provides little anonymity.

  • Can Facebook track anonymous comments?


    Yes, potentially. Even with features like "Anonymous Posting" in groups, Facebook may still have access to your IP address or other identifiers that could be used to trace the comment to your account. Administrators and moderators in the community may also be able to see who posted anonymously.

  • What are the dangers of using a fake account?


    Account bans: Facebook can detect and disable phony accounts.
    Privacy concerns: Using actual information (such as an email address or phone number) to create a phony account can put your privacy at risk.
    Security flaws: Fake accounts are more vulnerable to hackers and malware.

  • What are the ethical implications of anonymous comments?


    Anonymity can have both advantages and disadvantages. It can promote free expression, but it can also be used to spread hostility, trolling, or misinformation. Consider whether your comment is appropriate if your identity is known.

You Can Be Tracked Even After Being Masked!

Unfortunately, Facebook itself does not provide full anonymity for comments. While certain Facebook groups may include an "Anonymous Post" option, keep in mind that admins, moderators, and Facebook itself, may still be able to track down your comment. 

Consider switching to a different platform if you want to be entirely anonymous.

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