How Long Does Facebook Monetization Review Take?

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  • 8 May 2024
  • 6 mins read

Dreaming of turning your Facebook content into a revenue stream? It’s exciting! 

But before you start counting ad dollars, one crucial hurdle is Facebook's monetization review. 

This process can feel like an eternity. 

This guide will let you know how long a Facebook monetization review can take.

How is Monetization on Facebook Carried Out

Make sure your page satisfies Facebook's requirements for monetization eligibility. These guidelines are simple to adhere to; for example, you shouldn't post false information or upload copyrighted content without authorization.

Once you've fulfilled the conditions, you can earn money through your creative or Facebook monetization channels. Facebook offers a variety of channels, such as video advertisements, in-article ads, fan subscriptions, and commercial partnerships.

Sending visitors from your Facebook page to an ad-supported website is an additional means of earning money. This is a successful indirect Facebook monetization strategy. 

How to Determine Whether Your Page Complies With Facebook's Monetization Guidelines

You must follow the Partner Monetization Policies if you wish to monetize the content on your Page. Here's how to see whether you've been monetized:

Step 1: Launch Meta Business Suite on your desktop.

Step 2: Click Monetization in the navigation bar on the left.

Step 3: Select "Policy issues."

Step 4: Check for any violations related to monetization.

How Long Does Facebook Take to Review the Monetization?

Facebook will review your app within 72 hours after adding it to Monetization Manager to ensure it conforms to their regulations.

You can see the review's current state by locating your app and choosing Integrations from the side navigation.

Each status denotes the following:

Missing Payment Information

To begin making money, you must add a payment account. Learn how to include your payment details.

Ad Request Pending

For this app, we haven't yet received any bid Waiting for ad request:  Verify the accuracy of the SDK integration.

In Review 

We're checking your software to ensure it complies with our guidelines regarding Audience Network monetization. Usually, this is completed within 72 hours. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the duration required to monetize a Facebook review?


    The duration for Facebook monetization review isn't a fixed timeframe, but it typically involves meeting specific requirements:
    Minimum Page Followers: You need at least 10,000 followers.
    Live Video Views: Within 60 days, you must have 30,000 1-minute views on live videos exceeding 3 minutes in length.
    Policy Compliance: Your content must adhere to Facebook's Partner Monetization Policies.

  • Is it possible to monetize a 30-second video on Facebook?


    No, Facebook currently requires videos to be at least 1 minute long to be eligible for monetization through in-stream ads. While 30-second videos can't be monetized this way, other options like Facebook Stars during live streams might still be available depending on your location and eligibility.

  • How can I see whether Facebook has monetized my account?


    Here’s how you can see:

    Launch Meta Business Suite on your desktop.
    Click the Monetization tab on the left to view a summary of your Page eligibility and status.
    Choose the page you wish to check from the dropdown menu on the top left.

  • Can I monetize my page with 1000 followers on Facebook?


    No, having 1000 followers alone isn't enough for Facebook monetization. The minimum requirement is 10,000 followers for in-stream ads and specific engagement/viewership metrics for other monetization features. While 1000 followers is a good start, you'll need to grow your audience further to unlock Facebook's monetization options.

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Get to Know About Facebook Monetization!

While a specific timeframe for Facebook's monetization review isn't guaranteed, meeting the minimum requirements and consistently creating high-quality content can expedite the process. 

Remember, patience is vital, and focusing on building your audience and engagement will ultimately unlock Facebook's monetization potential.