Find Out How Accurate Instagram’s Active Now Status Is

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  • 21 May 2024
  • 9 mins read

Have you ever sent a timely message, only to watch your friend get on a few minutes later? 

Although Instagram's "Active Now" feature can be useful for determining who is available for a chat, is it reliable? 

If the green dot accurately represents your friend's internet presence, let's explore its meaning in this blog post.

What Does Instagram's “Active Now” Mean?

In 2018, Instagram launched the "Active Now" feature, which is visible on the direct messaging tab. Placing a green dot next to a person's username or indicating when you last used Instagram lets people know whether they are active on the platform.

How Accurate is Instagram's “Active Now”?

Instagram can show an incorrect active status. There are several possible causes for this, including someone enabling location services or an issue with the app. Furthermore, in the chat bar, Instagram sometimes shows the wrong time since the last activity next to your name. 

By removing location services or turning off the Display Activity Status feature in the app's settings, you can disable this.

The Active Today feature on Instagram isn't always reliable. It may not be the case that you are online at that same moment because Instagram displays your online status anywhere from a few to 10 minutes after you log in. 

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Also, the active status can be inaccurate if you have enabled location services.

How Does Instagram Identify Your "Active Now" Status?

To determine if someone is "actively using" the app, the software uses various signals, such as updating their status whenever they are active. While this is a real-time feature, there can be some lags.

In-app Activity

Instagram will count you as active if you use it to send messages, like posts, or go through your feed.

App Background Activity

If Instagram is open in the background when you're not using it, the app may still consider you as "active."

How is the “Active Now” Status Affected by Instagram?

The accuracy of this feature can be affected by several factors, such as network outages and user interactions with the app;

Using Numerous Devices

Your Active Now status might not always be true if you are using numerous devices to connect to Instagram. This is because, even if you are using a different device right now, Instagram can still display you as active on the last one you used.

Network Issues

Your Active Now status could be incorrect or delayed if you have a bad internet connection. Instagram must be able to communicate with its servers in order to change its status.

Using Connected Apps

If you have connected your Instagram account to other apps, such as Facebook, utilizing those apps could unintentionally modify your Instagram Active Now status. This is because certain apps might use Instagram's servers to send and receive data on your behalf.

Instagram's Algorithm

The platform's algorithm also influences the Active Now status. When deciding whether or not to display you as active, this algorithm considers a variety of factors, including your recent app usage, device usage, and network connectivity.

Instagram's "Active Now" status gives users an indication of who is online, but this convenience comes at the expense of privacy. The software creates a wealth of data by continuously monitoring different activities to update this feature. 

However, this data acquisition raises security issues. In the absence of appropriate security measures, such as tracker blockers, this data is susceptible to data theft. This is where PurePrivacy comes into play.

PurePrivacy Helps You Improve Your Online Privacy

PurePrivacy is an app that focuses on digital security and protects your online identity. It serves as your social privacy manager. 

PurePrivacy looks over your social media settings, suggests changes to improve your privacy, and even assists you in deleting your data from online sources.

PurePrivacy protects your privacy through a comprehensive set of measures:

Effortless Privacy Management

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Data Broker Management

With your consent, our Remove My Data feature sends recurring removal requests to supported data brokers. You can track progress through the in-app dashboard, receive weekly reports, and determine your data's risk score. 

Enhanced Security

Establish a secure, on-device VPN to block known trackers from communicating with their domains. You can also choose to whitelist specific trackers you deem safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How accurate is Instagram's "active now" mark?


    The 'Active Now' status may not appear on an Instagram user's account for up to ten minutes. This implies that a large number of users have come and gone from the app before the feature ever acknowledges their activity. There is a delay when you exit Instagram, seeming to be "Active Now" even when you're not.

  • Does Instagram always display active now?


    When you have your Activity Status set to ON, everyone you follow and message on Instagram will be able to see when you were last active. You always have the option to turn your Activity status on or off.

  • Why is the green dot absent from Instagram, but it says it is active now?


    Instagram removes the green dot from users' profile pictures in other users' conversation sections when they disable their activity status. The app also hides when they were last active. On the other hand, those who turn off the feature are also unable to see when the individuals they follow or chat with online.

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Social Sites Aren’t Always Accurate!

Since Instagram's "Active Now" feature might help determine someone's general online presence, it shouldn't be depended upon for pinpoint accuracy. 

Updates may not happen right away, and even if the user isn't actively using the app, the green dot might stay on. 

Instead of seeing it as proof that someone is always staring at their phone, it's better to view it as a general indication of availability.