How to Get Back Deleted Photos on Facebook

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  • 20 May 2024
  • 9 mins read

Have you ever browsed Facebook and unintentionally removed a picture you liked? 

It happens to all of us! 

But worry not—there are ways of retrieving it. We'll go over how to find deleted Facebook photos in this post, including amusing selfies, important tips, and trip images. Let’s get into it!

3 Basic Approaches to Get Back Your Deleted Photos on Facebook

Any picture you delete from Facebook will be removed from your account permanently. But, you can get them back by using the below-mentioned methods from Facebook.

By Checking Facebook Trash

Facebook has a policy that automatically removes photos from its Trash folder after 30 days. If you have transferred any photos or posts including photos to the Trash and the 30 days have not passed, you should first check the Trash folder to restore:

Step 1: Select Settings & Privacy by clicking on the avatar of your account.

 Select Settings & Privacy by clicking on the avatar of your account

Step 2: Click on Settings again.

Click on Settings again

Step 3: Scroll down and select Activity log.

Scroll down and select Activity log

Step 4: Next, select Recycle Bin.

Next, select Recycle Bin

Step 5: After selecting the post containing the deleted photographs, select Restore to profile by clicking the 3-dot icon.

Step 6: Search the images on your Facebook timeline, download them, and then save the deleted images to your smartphone once more.

From Archive:

Facebook maintains a record of the media content you have shared. Consequently, you can manually examine your files to recover deleted Facebook photos if you recently unintentionally erased images and videos from Facebook. 

To retrieve deleted Facebook photos using archives, follow these steps.

Step 1: Use your browser to go to and enter your email address and password to access your Facebook account.

Step 2: Select "Settings & Privacy" > "Settings" > "Your Facebook information" after clicking the profile symbol.

Settings & Privacy" > "Settings" > "Your Facebook information"
Settings on facebook

Step 3: After scrolling down a bit, select "Download your information." You may now download an entire copy of your Facebook data, including deleted images, by choosing the Data range, Format, and Media Quality options.

After scrolling down a bit, select "Download your information."

Step 4. After you download your Facebook archives, you can access the folder labeled “Facebook-your”. Open the Photos subfolder to view your photographs. To recover deleted Facebook images, search the subfolders.

By Backing Up:

Recovering a deleted photo from Facebook will be considerably simpler if you regularly use the built-in programs on Windows or Mac to back up your information.

For Windows

If you utilize File History to backup your Windows computer's files to an external drive, you can retrieve the deleted Facebook images by doing the following:

Step 1: Link your Windows computer to the external hard disk you use for file backups.

Step 2: To locate and use the File History tool, locate it in the Control Panel or type Restore your files with File History into the Windows search box. 

Step 3: Select and preview the pictures you wish to restore.

Step 4: To recover your deleted Facebook images, click Restore

For Mac

As long as they have activated and configured the backup, users of Macs can utilize Time Machine to backup and recover files. 

The steps required to recover Facebook images on a Mac using a backup are as follows:

Step 1: Link the external drive to the Mac.

Step 2: Click the Time Machine symbol in the menu bar to open it.

Step 3: Check and inspect the backup images. You can choose your preferred version from the timeline by using the arrows.

Step 4: To restore a deleted Facebook photo from backup, click Restore. 

Facebook provides a few solutions for recovering deleted images, but these techniques might not work in all cases, particularly if a lot of time has passed. This is where giving internet security top priority becomes essential. 

PurePrivacy can be helpful in safeguarding your information. 

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You can also use it to assist you in removing your personal data from data brokers. 

Here’s how PurePrivacy assists you:

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Screenshot of PurePrivacy's homepage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does Facebook delete photos and disappear permanently?


    Anything you remove from Facebook will be removed from your account indefinitely. The only places you can find it again are Facebook archives or original storage devices that you can restore lost images from using a data recovery program.

  • How much time does Facebook store deleted stuff?


    Following deleting your Facebook account, you will have thirty days to reconsider. Your information will be erased and no longer accessible after those thirty days.

  • Is it possible for Facebook to remove my photos?


    There's a chance that some of the pictures or videos you posted on Facebook have been lost by a technical glitch or are no longer accessible. They strive to fix any technical issues that impact your data and stop any more deletions.

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Empty Your Trash Can!

Whether you deleted Facebook images permanently or just moved them to the trash will determine whether you can get them back. 

If the former, look through Facebook's "Settings & Privacy" Trash folder and restore the settings. 

You can try downloading your Facebook archive, which might contain the photographs if they've been permanently removed.