How to Get Into Someone’s Facebook Profile

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  • 29 April 2024
  • 10 mins read

You might be a parent, a friend of someone who died or just a curious spouse who wants to access a Facebook profile.

There are ways to get into Facebook accounts, but remember, intruding on someone's privacy is not a good idea. 

We will guide you in getting into someone’s Facebook profile without disrupting their privacy.

2 Easy Ways to Get Into Someone's Facebook Profile

With so much information being transferred and posted on Facebook, there is an increasing need to access someone's account. 

If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few tips that will assist you in figuring out how to break into someone's Facebook.

By Using Facebook's Forgot Account Option

Facebook is known for having a high-security wall. So, accessing someone's account may be more complex than expected. 

Facebook includes a 'Forgot Account' option that can be useful. You can use this to learn how to get into someone's Facebook account if the person has died or asked you to access the account.

Step 1: From any web browser, navigate to Facebook's login page and click the 'Forgot Account' option.

Step 2: Enter the email address of the person whose account you want to access, then click 'Search' and choose the target account from the results. 

This will send a 6-digit code to the supplied email address or phone number. If you cannot access the phone number or email address, select 'Didn't receive a code?'.

Step 3: Select the account to which you have access and select 'This is My Account'. If you can't access any accounts, go to the next step.

Step 4: You will be given a few options for accessing the account; select the "No longer have access to these" option.

Step 5: Enter the email address or phone number for which you have a password, and click 'Continue' to receive the password reset link by email.

By Setting Up Trusted Contacts

If you cannot access the email address, you can use the 'Reveal my Trusted Contacts' option to obtain the password reset link. However, for this strategy to work, you must first know who on the list can assist you in gaining access to the account.

Step 1: Log into Facebook using a web browser. Adding 3-5 friends to your Trusted Contacts list can be helpful if you ever get locked out of your account. 

If you cannot sign in, one of your Trusted Contacts can issue a recovery code that you can use to reset your password and resume your online activity.

Step 2: Select the ▼ menu. It's the upside-down triangle in the upper-right corner of Facebook.

Step 3: Click Settings & Privacy. This opens up more options.

Navigate to facebook profile settings and privacy

Step 4: Click Settings from the menu. This will take you to your Facebook account settings.

Select the Security and Login tab. It's on the left panel, toward the top of the list.

Navigate to facebook account setting option

Step 5: Click the Edit button next to "Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out." This is near the bottom of the page, beneath the "Setting Up Extra Security" banner.

Step 6: Click Choose Friends. A pop-up will be displayed, offering information about utilizing trusted contacts. If you already have Trusted Contacts listed, click Edit to make changes.

Step 7: Click on Trusted Contacts. You may now choose which friends to list as Trusted Contacts.

Step 8: Enter 3–5 new Trusted Contacts. Begin typing the name of the first person you wish to add, and then select their name from the search results. You will need to include at least 3 contacts.

Step 9: Click Confirm. The selected friends have now been added to your Trusted Contacts. This list can be edited at any moment by clicking Edit.

While looking into someone's Facebook profile may be appealing for various reasons, it is critical to prioritize online safety. 

Malicious websites or third-party applications that promise unauthorized profile access frequently contain malware to steal your information. 

However, to keep your online record safe, look into services like PurePrivacy, which may help you manage your online presence while protecting yourself from security dangers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What happens when you get locked out of Facebook?


    If you are locked out of Facebook then, follow the Facebook recovery process. Facebook will walk you through the recovery steps. This usually includes validating your identification by entering personal information or uploading a photo ID.

  • Can someone log into my Facebook account?


    Yes, someone could log into your Facebook account if they get your password or steal your login session. Hackers use certain other tricks to get into your account; be careful with your social media accounts.

  • Does Facebook request ID to recover a hacked account?


    Facebook may request that you upload a photo of your ID to validate that the account you're attempting to access belongs to you.

  • Does Facebook disable hacked accounts?


    Facebook's procedures for disabling or deleting hacked, underused, or unverified accounts. Removing hacked, underused, or unverified accounts reduces the amount of possible abuse on Facebook while protecting your data and account's privacy, integrity, and security.

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Get Safe Ways to Get into Someone’s Profile!

Instead of risky sites promising profile peeks, explore safe methods. 

This guide offers tips, but remember, respecting privacy is key. 

Consider a public search or a simple friend request – there are better ways to connect!