How to Get Unbanned from Instagram: 3 Ways

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  • 28 June 2024
  • 8 mins read

You woke up this morning to find your carefully created Instagram feed replaced by the dreadful "account disabled" notification. 

Do not panic! 

Getting banned from Instagram does not mean the end of the world. 

This guide explains a few easy ways to get unbanned from Instagram.

3 Easy Methods to Get Unbanned from Instagram

The method for getting back access to your Instagram account depends on multiple reasons. There are several ways you can take to resolve the issue, depending on the type of Instagram account ban you have.

  1. Make an Appeal

If you can still log into your Instagram account after being banned, you can appeal the ban decision. Here is what to do:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and select the menu icon (typically three lines or a profile photo).

Step 2: Navigate to Settings, then tap "Help."

Step 3: On the Help page, choose "Report a Problem."

Step 4: Write a thorough account of what occurred.

You can request Instagram support to restore your account. If you know the reason for the Instagram ban, you can make an effort to fix the problem. 

This could involve fixing the activities that resulted in the ban and issuing a genuine apology. If all goes well, Instagram should unblock your account within 24 hours.

  1. Submit the Request Form

In some cases, Instagram may disable your account, prohibiting you from logging in entirely. Because you can't use the app anymore, you'll need to visit the Instagram website's help page.

Look for the option that refers to a deleted Instagram account. This will take you to a comprehensive form where you have to mention your location, email address, username, and more. Consider this a formal request to reactivate your Instagram account.

Within two days of submitting the form, Instagram may request a video to verify your true identity. After examining everything, the Instagram reps will decide whether or not to reactivate your account or keep it disabled.

  1. Regain Access After an IP Block

If your IP address has been restricted, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be an effective alternative. A VPN covers your original IP address by assigning you a different one. In some circumstances, you may need to create a new Instagram account to use with your VPN.

While recovering access to your Instagram account is critical, it's also necessary to protect your online presence following the suspension. Social media services, such as Instagram, frequently analyze user behavior to target ads and build thorough profiles. 

These profiles may be exploited by data brokers, putting your personal information at risk. This is where services such as PurePrivacy come in. 

Their tracker-blocking features can help avoid unwanted data collecting on Instagram and other platforms, reducing the danger of data theft and targeted advertising based on your activities. 

Completely Blacklist Unwanted, Hidden Trackers 

PurePrivacy is a one-stop solution for bringing back your online identity. 

Schedule automatic deletion of your search history, stop targeted adverts by regulating the exposure of your posts and data on social media platforms.

And, use the data removal request option to restore control of the information collected by data brokers.

Prevent cyber threats with cybersecurity

PurePrivacy helps you to protect your online identity in these ways:

Privacy Score for Social Media

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Discover excellent tips for all of your privacy settings. Its powerful scanning technology thoroughly examines your social media accounts and makes personalized recommendations to improve your privacy and security.

Whitelist and Blacklist Trackers

It allows you to enable particular trackers that they believe are safe for tracking. If they want to ban these trackers again, you can do so later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What information should I include in my appeal to increase my chances of being unbanned?


    Maintain courtesy and professionalism.
    Briefly describe why you believe your account was blocked in error.
    If applicable, include any evidence to back up your claim (such as screenshots).

  • What will happen if my appeal is denied?


    Unfortunately, not all appeals are successful. If your appeal is denied, you may file another one (if permitted) or consider creating a new account.

  • How can I avoid being banned in the future?


    Read Instagram's Community Guidelines ( and avoid violating them.
    Be aware of the content you share, and avoid anything unpleasant, harassing, or spamming.
    Do not use third-party apps to automate your account activities.

  • How many warnings does Instagram issue before deactivating your account?


    Instagram usually gives a series of warnings, such as temporary suspensions or limitations, before permanently disabling an account. Their regulations define many violations, including uploading unlawful content, spamming, and harassing others. You can help keep the online community safe and positive by adhering to their principles.

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Restore Your Instagram Appearance!

While getting your Instagram account unbanned is not guaranteed, going through the right appeal procedures and giving a detailed, respectful explanation can help you regain access. 

Remember to be patient - Instagram may take some time to consider your request. 

In the meantime, educate yourself with the community guidelines to avoid future breaches and keep your posts clean.