How to Give Credit on Instagram to Content Creators

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  • 19 April 2024
  • 7 mins read

Are you sharing content with others you find on Instagram lately? You are not alone. But don’t forget to give credit to the creators. Giving proper credit is an important step to do before you hit the repost button. This blog will walk you through the process of giving credit to Instagram content producers.

How to Give Credit on Instagram to a Creator

You can give credit to someone on Instagram by using the following methods on your Instagram mobile phones:

By Tagging the Creator's Name to the Image

One way is to tag the original creator of the post or image on your Instagram profile by following these steps.

Step 1: On Instagram, you may choose to include a picture or a video when you create a new post. 

Step 2: Once you've chosen your content, move on to the next screen to modify and customize your post.

Step 3: Find the "Tag People" menu item. Depending on the model and version of Instagram on your phone, this might be toward the bottom of the screen or next to the caption section.

Step 4: Simply tap the image to place the creator's tag where you want it.

Step 5: Your screen will have a search bar at the top. Enter the creator's username here to share the content they made.

By Mentioning the Creator's Name in the Comment

You can give credit to someone by mentioning their username in the comments using the Instagram mobile app or web browser.

Step 1: Start typing your caption text in the post's caption section.

Step 2: Put the "@" symbol in your caption where it belongs.

Step 3: Type the creator's username right after the "@" symbol to give them credit. The username and the "@" symbol shouldn't be separated by spaces.

Step 4: Instagram will probably start to recommend accounts that match as you fill in the username. Make sure the right profile is chosen so that a link that can be clicked is generated.

Benefits of Giving Credit on Instagram to Someone 

Instagram crediting goes beyond simple courtesy; and there are several reasons why it is important.

Respect Ownership

Every image or video on Instagram is an artistic creation of a single person. Giving them credit recognizes their talent and shows appreciation for their work.

Unauthorized use of someone else's creations may result in legal issues because copyright protects creative content. Giving credit indicates that you are using the material appropriately and appreciating the person.

Create a Positive Reputation

You project an image of being a kind and ethical online user by always providing credit. As a result, you can create a supportive online community and trust between authors is increased.

Break the Ice

If you tag the original author, they will probably be grateful for the recognition and may interact with your post by leaving a like or comment. This can increase your exposure and help you get a wider audience or friends. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do I need to give credit to someone on Instagram?


    Giving acknowledgement and mentioning the source of a picture or a video is important when sharing someone else's work on Facebook or Instagram. To properly credit someone or a page on Facebook or Instagram, just add one of the following to the description of your post: "via @username"

  • Why is it crucial to give due credit?


    This is crucial because it prevents copyright violations by acknowledging the creator of the information you use. Recognizing your sources also makes it easier for the audience to tell which content is your own and which comes from a source.

  • What happens if someone uploads your Instagram video but misses to tag you or give proper credit?


    Until you or someone else reports them and the backup takes appropriate action, nothing happens. Unauthorized use of your content may be considered copyright violation, which carries legal consequences.

Acknowledging the Creator is Important!

It’s a win-win when you share inspirational content and give credit to Instagram creators. 

You're respecting the work of creators on Instagram, avoiding copyright violations, and even establishing your online presence by taking the extra few seconds to properly thank them.