How to View Birthdays on Facebook 2024

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  • 16 April 2024
  • 4 mins read

Do your friends expect a surprise birthday party from you, but you do not remember their exact birth dates? Almost everyone updates their birthdays on Facebook. And, you can view birthdays of your friends or loved ones on Facebook simply to send them heartwarming wishes. Find out in this guide on how to do it:  

How to Find Birthdays on Desktop

  1. Open your Facebook page on your browser.
  2. On the left panel, click on Events.
How to View Birthdays on Facebook click on events
  1. Select Birthdays.
How to View Birthdays on Facebook select birthday

How to Find Birthdays on Mobile

  1. Go to the Facebook app.
  2. Write Birthdays in the Search Tab.
  3. You will see a list of upcoming birthdays.

How to Change or Edit Your Birthday on Facebook

  1. Go to Settings and Privacy (phone and desktop).
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Choose See more in the Accounts Center,
  4. Select Personal details.
  5. Tap Birthday.
How to Change or Edit Your Birthday on Facebook
  1. Tap Edit, then change your birthday.
  2. You can also change the settings to see who can see your birthday.
How to Change or Edit Your Birthday on Facebook tap edit

Manage Privacy Controls

Your name, birthday, and phone numbers are assets to advertisers, prying eyes, and hackers. Advertisers use your names and birthdays for targeted advertising and share your information with their partners, making you vulnerable to attacks.

Hackers and cybercriminals are always looking for information that they could use to introduce spyware and malware on your devices. The bottom line is that your social media presence is not safe anymore!

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  • Information sharing checks to prevent data breaches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why won't Facebook let me change my birthday?


    This usually happens when you have changed your birthdays several times. Try to wait a few days before changing your birthday.

  • How many days until I can change my birthday back on Facebook?


    Your birthdays could be changed once every two weeks.

  • Why can't people say Happy Birthday to me on Facebook?


    You should check your settings to see if people cannot wish you a happy birthday. They might not be able to view your birth date.

  • Can you block people from wishing you Happy Birthday on Facebook?


    You can only block them if you change the settings of your birthday to Only Me. Here’s how:
    Go to Settings and Privacy > Settings.
    Select Account Centre > Personal details.
    Click on Birthday.
    You will then see an option to Change who can see my birthday.
    Limit it to Only me.

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Wish Your Friends with All Your Heart!

Facebook has linked people with happiness. 

We love its feature of keeping loved ones connected through birthday reminders. You can easily find upcoming or past birthdays on Facebook.

Stay happy, stay connected, but be secure on Facebook!