How to Link Pinterest to Your Instagram Account

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  • 30 April 2024
  • 8 mins read

Do you want to enhance your reach and get more interactions on both Pinterest and Instagram? 

Who wouldn’t? 

But unfortunately, Pinterest does not offer a straightforward way to link your accounts. 

This guide explains how to use a clever workaround to add your Pinterest profile link to your Instagram bio, as well as other innovative techniques for getting your followers to switch between these two popular apps.

Claim Your Instagram Account on Pinterest 

Before you begin pinning or auto-sharing your Instagram content, make sure to claim your Pinterest account. Claiming your account will ensure that you are constantly connected on Pinterest.

Pinterest will also provide figures for your pinned Instagram content, but only if your account is claimed. Finally, integrating your accounts will make it easy to pin your Instagram content to Pinterest, whether through auto-posting or putting it in a publishing queue.

To claim an Instagram account, you must first set up a Pinterest business account. So, if you haven't already switched to a Pinterest business account, I would suggest you do it now!

You can link your Instagram account with your Pinterest profile on your mobile phones and desktop computers. You have to follow these methods:

On Desktop

If you want to link your Instagram account with Pinterest on your desktop, follow these steps. You will be able to connect both of your social appearances easily.

Step 1: Open your Pinterest profile on your preferred browser using your desktop. 

Pinterest homepage

Step 2: Click the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen. 

Navigate to pintrest 3 dots

Step 3: The Pinterest account menu opens up.

Step 4: Select Settings.

Navigate to Pinterest account settings

Step 5: Scroll down to the Claim Account section.

Navigate to pintrest claim account settings

Step 6: Click Claim next to the accounts you want to link (in this case, Instagram).

Claim settings on Pinterest

Step 7: Confirm that you want to join accounts in the Instagram login authorization window that appears.

Login to connect pintrest with insta

Step 8: When the pop-up window closes, you'll be returned to your Pinterest preferences page. The screen confirms that your Instagram has been claimed.

On the Mobile App

If you want to link your Instagram account with Pinterest on your mobile phone, follow these steps. You can easily connect both your accounts.

Step 1: Open your Pinterest mobile phone app. 

Navigate to Pinterest app

Step 2: On the Pinterest app's home screen, tap your profile picture in the lower right corner.

Navigate to pintrest profile on app

Step 3: Click on the hamburger option located in the upper right corner.

Pintrest profile settings

Step 4: Choose Settings from the menu.

edit pinterest public profile

Step 5: Now click on Claimed accounts.

Go to claimed accounts option

Step 6: Turn on the button by toggling in front of Instagram.

turn on instagram

Step 7: A window will pop up on your screen to accept the cookies. Allow the cookies.

Allow access to your instagram

Step 8: Confirm that you want to join accounts by logging in to your Instagram profile.

add credentials to connect

Step 8: When the pop-up window closes, you'll be returned to your Pinterest preferences page. The screen confirms that your Instagram has been claimed.

While connecting your Instagram account to Pinterest gives you a more compatible online presence, it also introduces security threats. Consider looking at PurePrivacy for an extra layer of security before you optimize your social media experience. 

PurePrivacy's mobile app helps you detect potential security flaws such as trackers and data leakage, particularly when linking accounts like Instagram and Pinterest.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can you connect Instagram and Pinterest?


    Yes, you can add your Instagram account to Pinterest and can cross-post directly from Instagram to Pinterest. When you enable auto-publishing, all next Instagram posts will be converted into pins automatically.

  • Plus

    Open the Pinterest app on your smartphone and sign in using your Pinterest account.
    To open your profile, tap the profile picture in the lower right corner of your screen.
    Tap Edit Profile.
    Enter the link to your website below.
    Tap Done.

  • How can I post Pinterest pins on Instagram?


    You can share pins and boards on your Instagram profile by following these steps:
    To open the Pin, click it, followed by the share icon next to it.
    Choose the social network you want to share the Pin on.
    Follow the steps to log in, create a description, and share the pin.

  • Can you publish clips to Pinterest?


    Yes. Instagram reels can be uploaded to Pinterest as video pins. You do not need to alter the video. However, make sure your title and description are optimized for Pinterest.

  • Simplify your online presence today

    With PurePrivacy, make sure all your personal data remains safe without a hassle!

Optimize Social Media with Security!

While directly connecting Pinterest and Instagram for automatic post sharing is not possible, you can still generate traffic between the two sites. Sharing your Pinterest profile link in your Instagram bio is an excellent tactic. However, security is critical when linking accounts across platforms. 

Allowing third-party apps access to your data demands vigilance. Before linking, carefully review the authorization details. Phishing scams can mimic reputable websites to obtain login credentials, so double-check URLs before allowing any connection.