How to Delete Recently Visited Pages on Facebook

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  • 23 May 2024
  • 6 mins read

Clicking the "like" button on your friend's grandma's crocheting group may seem simple initially, but did you know that it will forever imprint on your recently visited pages? 

We've all been there, so don't worry! 

Learn how to create a browser history you can be proud of and remove recently viewed Facebook pages by continuing to read.

8 Simple Steps to Delete Recently Visited Pages on Facebook

If you want to remove your Facebook history tracks from Facebook, remove your recently visited pages on Facebook. To achieve this, you have to follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your Facebook profile on your mobile phone app.

Step 2: Click on the three-line option in the upper right corner of your screen.

Click on the three-line option in the upper right corner of your screen

Step 3: Then click “Settings and privacy.

Then click “Settings and privacy.”

Step 4: Scroll down and click “Settings.”

Scroll down and click “Settings.”

Step 5: Select “Activity Log” from the menu.

Select “Activity Log” from the menu.

Step 6: Scroll down until you find “Other Activity.” 

Step 7: Once you find Other Activity, click on it and then on Other Records.

Once you find Other Activity, click on it and then on Other Records.

Step 8: All your records will appear there. Find your records by applying a date filter and delete your recently visited pages from there.

How to Delete Facebook Search History

Here’s how you can remove your Facebook search history to secure your Facebook surfing experience:

Step 1: On your Android or iPhone, launch the Facebook app.

Step 2: Tap the search icon in the screen's upper right corner on iOS devices.

Step 3: Select "Edit" next to "Recent searches."

Step 4: To quickly remove your history, touch "Clear Searches" at the top of your Activity Log. To remove a particular search and continue with the others, you may also tap the X symbol next to each search item.

Although it can help you manage the pages you've recently viewed on Facebook, eliminating them won't provide total online anonymity. 

Even when you delete your Facebook history, third-party trackers and data-gathering methods may still be able to keep an eye on your online activities. 

This may result in data theft, which is even worse, or security issues like targeted advertising based on your surfing patterns. This is where PurePrivacy comes into play.

Prevent Identity Theft and Data Manipulation

PurePrivacy offers extensive solutions to protect your data and guarantee that your online activities stay private, regardless of your concerns over social media privacy, targeted advertising, or just wanting to leave as little trace as possible online.

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To get your online safety up to a greater level, PurePrivacy helps you in this way:

View Data Broker Details

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Rescan Social Media Settings

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can I delete every page I've recently visited at once?


    Regretfully, removing every page you have seen at once is impossible. You must eliminate each one separately.

  • Is it possible to prevent Facebook from monitoring the web pages I visit?


    Although you can modify your settings to reduce it, you cannot completely prevent Facebook from tracking your behavior. Check options such as "Off-Facebook Activity" and "Clear Browsing History."

  • Can I remove my Recently Visited pages using any third-party tools?


    Using third-party solutions to manage your Facebook data is not advised. These are not always trustworthy tools that could jeopardize the security of your account. Remain with Facebook's default features.

  • Is it possible to view the information Facebook has gathered about my non-Facebook activities?


    You can view your "Off-Facebook Activity" preferences. This displays the information about your activities that websites and apps have sent to Facebook. Next, you have the option to uninstall particular applications and websites or delete all of your Off-Facebook Activity data.

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Get Back Control of Your Personal Data!

If you can't directly remove specific pages from your Facebook visit history, you may quickly delete your whole activity log. 

This will eliminate every page you've visited lately and any other activities you've performed on the website. 
You may investigate your options' "Off-Facebook Activity" area if you're only interested in controlling particular data that Facebook utilizes outside of its platform.