How To Remove Shadow Ban On Facebook

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  • 15 May 2024
  • 10 mins read

Have you ever posted on Facebook and felt like it disappeared into a black hole? 

No likes, no comments, just crickets. This frustrating phenomenon could be a shadowban, where Facebook limits your reach without outright banning you.

This guide sheds light on shadowbans and equips you with strategies to fight back. 

We'll show you how to regain visibility and get your content back in front of your audience.

What is a Shadowban on Facebook?

When a social media network prohibits your post from appearing without informing you, this is known as a "shadowban." People can frequently publish posts and reply, but their content is only visible.

How Can Someone Get Shadowbanned on Facebook?

You likely violated their community guidelines, so you need to restrict how much exposure your content receives. Here are some reasons why Facebook can shadow your account.

Stolen Content

Facebook content theft, particularly of popular content, is done to trick people into interacting with the content. This could involve downloading videos, taking screenshots, copying text, or even watermarking videos that have been stolen. 

You risk being shadowbanned if the original creator reports you to Facebook after learning about it.

Inappropriate Content

Facebook censors information that encourages hazardous behaviors, terrorism, violence, or child abuse. They want to build a secure platform and abide by the rules established by their business countries. Such content may result in a shadowban.

Sharing Spam

Avoid attempting to increase page views by repeatedly sharing links on Facebook. This is particularly true if all you're doing in groups or comments is posting links without providing any value. If you are found to be spamming, Facebook may suspend your account.

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Unauthorized Tools

You risk getting into trouble if you automate your content using unauthorized tools. These technologies could break Facebook's policies if they upload content that isn't allowed. Shadowbanning is probably what will happen.

Fake Engagement

Purchasing comments and likes to make your account appear more popular is not a good idea. Fake interaction is detectable by Facebook's algorithm, and you risk being shadowbanned if your postings suddenly spark a lot of strange activity.

5 Crucial Methods to Remove a Shadow Ban on Facebook

The following are the key steps you can take to remove a shadow ban:

Remove Restricted Content

Review your Facebook presence in detail and delete any posts, pictures, videos, pages, groups, or advertisements that break the platform's policies. 

This covers explicit content, hate speech, graphic violence, disinformation, con games, and infringement on intellectual property. 

Eliminating prohibited content lowers your infractions and lets Facebook know you intend to abide by the rules.

Don't Use Banned Hashtags

Facebook-banned hashtags are prohibited as they are linked to policy violations. Using prohibited hashtags can limit your audience and make the shadow ban last longer.

Stop Violating Facebook Rules

Any activity that violates Facebook's terms of service, including following and unfollowing accounts rapidly, employing bots or services to artificially increase interaction, posting the same content again, and running prohibited ads, must be stopped immediately.

By ceasing these actions, you demonstrate to Facebook your desire to abide by their rules and stop the shadow ban from worsening.

Renew Your Ad Accounts

If the shadow ban results from breaking Facebook's advertising standards, create new ad accounts and use Facebook's advertising algorithms and policies again. Fresh ad accounts help you break free from old problems.

Activate Two-Factor Authentication

By enabling two-factor authentication, you may make your account more secure and let Facebook know you are a real person, not a spam bot. Facebook may lift your shadow ban with this authentication. 

Fortunately, you can take action to remove a shadow ban. To better manage your social media privacy, think about utilizing tools like PurePrivacy. 

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Manage Your Social Media Privacy Easily with PurePrivacy

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Privacy Score for Social Media

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Recommendations to Improve Privacy

It uses data from your social media settings and other platforms to provide precise recommendations that significantly improve your security and privacy. 

Plus, it helps you block trackers that might collect your footprints.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I get off my Facebook shadowban?


    You must find and fix the cause of your Facebook shadowban to get it lifted. This might involve going over and removing any offensive content, improving your postings, and abiding by Facebook's community standards. After making the required adjustments, you can contact Facebook support if you need help.

  • What Is the Duration of the Facebook Shadowban?


    The duration of a Facebook shadowban may vary from one week to two weeks, depending on the extent of the violation and the rate at which the matter is settled.

  • How can I find out if someone has shadowbanned me on Facebook?


    While there's no guaranteed way to know for sure, here are some signs:

    Check if your posts appear publicly on your profile, even if friends haven't seen them.
    Use a friend's account to search for your posts by name - limited reach suggests a shadowban.
    Notice a sudden drop in engagement (likes, comments) on your posts compared to usual.

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Tackle Facebook Cautiously!

Consistency is key! 

Following these strategies and adhering to Facebook's guidelines demonstrates a commitment to responsible platform use. 

This, combined with patience, can significantly improve your chances of getting out of a shadowban.

Still, facing issues? Facebook support is always an option for further assistance.

For privacy optimisation, PurePrivacy is the best choice.