How to Search Messages on Instagram

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  • 20 May 2024
  • 8 mins read

Do you have countless Instagram conversations, and are you trying to find one important message? 

You’re not alone, almost everyone has experienced that!

Instagram direct messages indeed include a built-in search feature! 

Say hello to keyword search and goodbye to tiresome scrolling. Let's get started and learn how to find those hidden messages you need immediately.

3 Basic Ways to Search Messages on Instagram

We're going to discuss a few different ways you can use to search for your Instagram messages.


Using hashtags to find specific messages on a given topic or theme is a smart idea. To find messages on Instagram by using hashtags, follow these steps:

Step 1: After tapping the search icon in the bottom navigation bar, type a relevant hashtag in the search bar. 

Step 2: You can search the list of Instagram posts tagged with the hashtag to discover the exact message you're looking for.

Step 3: You can use numerous hashtags or quotation marks around a phrase to search for exact matches, which can help you narrow down your search.


One helpful way to find messages on Instagram that contain particular words or phrases is to search for messages using those terms. By enabling you to search for messages based on certain content, keywords help you get what you're looking for more easily.

Step 1: On Instagram, hit the search icon located in the bottom navigation bar, then type the relevant keyword into the search bar to find messages using that keyword. 

Step 2: You can search through Instagram's list of posts and messages that contain the keyword to locate the exact message you're looking for.

Step 3: To improve the specificity and precision of your search results, you can use numerous keywords.

Advanced Search Filters:

One effective way to locate messages on Instagram that meet certain requirements is to use this feature to find specific messages. You can look for messages using advanced search filters by entering parameters like the date, the location, or even the names of particular persons.

The following are detailed guidelines for locating certain Instagram messages using advanced search filters:

Step 1: Tap the search icon located in the bottom navigation bar of the Instagram app after opening it.

Step 2: Type a hashtag or a term into the search field.

Step 3: To use the advanced search filters, tap the filters icon located in the upper right corner.

Step 4: Choose the filters you wish to use for your searches, such as users, location, and date.

Step 5: To examine your results and apply the filters, tap the "search" button.

Searching for messages on Instagram can be convenient, but remember, social media platforms collect a lot of data on your activity. This data is often used for targeted advertising, but it also raises security concerns.

Weak privacy settings could expose you to malicious actors who track your online behavior or try to steal information. 

While tracker blockers can mitigate some risks, consider using security software, such as PurePrivacy, with advanced features for a more comprehensive defense.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I search Instagram for old messages?


    You may go through every single message you got from Instagram in Notification History, even if the sender has since removed them. Remember that you can only view messages that you have received and not sent, and this only works if you have Instagram notifications enabled at the time you got the messages.

  • How can I find a message on Instagram?


    A message from someone you follow will show up in your list of chats. A message from someone you are not following will show up in your message requests inbox as a message request.

  • What does DM mean on Instagram?


    With Instagram Direct Messages (DMs), you may share and discreetly communicate with one or more people via text, images, Reels, and posts. With friends, you can communicate and work together over common interests using Instagram direct messages.

  • How secure is direct messaging on Instagram?


    Your chat calls and messages are even more secure and protected when they are encrypted end-to-end, making it so that only you and the person you are speaking with can see, hear, or read them. You can use a PIN to restore your Instagram messages on a different device if you backed them up to secure storage.

  • Simplify your online presence today

    With PurePrivacy, make sure all your personal data remains safe without a hassle!

It's now very easy to search for specific messages within Instagram chats. Through the handy search box included within discussions, you may quickly find what you're looking for by entering keywords. 

Recall that Instagram looks for messages mostly on content rather than dates, so it's important to know what was stated. 

Scrolling through an unending chat history is no longer an option, thanks to this new capability!