How Do I Stop Facebook from Automatically Sending Friend Requests?

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  • 16 April 2024
  • 7 mins read

Facebook does not send friend requests automatically! This usually happens when a bug intrudes your privacy and sends multiple friend requests to strangers.

It might be embarrassing when a friend request was sent from your Facebook account or your old accounts were deleted suddenly.

Let’s discuss in detail the reason behind automatic Facebook friend requests and how you can stop them.

Why Did Facebook Send Friend Requests?

Some Facebook users reported a glitch that caused automatic friend requests to be sent to people they viewed on the platform. This left some users embarrassed because they didn’t want others to know they'd been looking at their profiles.

Stop Facebook from Sending Friend Requests cancel

Some users wondered if this glitch was part of a new update, while others told their friends and loved ones to avoid clicking on profiles until the issue was resolved.

Users who've encountered the bug, reported that they've received notifications about sending friend requests to people they don't know. Even though they didn't click the "Send Request" button, they see that the requests have been sent when they check their friend requests.

And, Facebook acknowledged the bug and tried much to fix the issue as quickly as possible.

4 Ways to Prevent Facebook from Sending Friend Requests Automatically

Although Facebook never sends friend requests automatically, you must keep your privacy settings in place to avoid inconvenience. Here’s what you could do:

  1. Review Your Privacy Settings

Ensure that only friends can send you friend requests. Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Privacy > How You Connect > Friend Requests.

Stop Facebook from Sending Friend Requests review privacy setting
  1. Update Your Password

Use a unique and complex password with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols to protect your account.

  1. Activate Two-Factor Authentication

Turn on two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security. This requires entering a code from your phone and your password when logging in.

  1. Be Cautious with Shared Information

Try to share information only with whom you are comfortable with. And, you should avoid sharing personal details like your address or phone number.

If the issue persists, report it to Facebook by navigating to Settings & Privacy > Help & Support > Report a Problem.

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3 Best Practices to Stay Secure on Social Media 

Social media platforms including Facebook can be a threat to your privacy. Bugs, glitches, and viruses happen to affect people globally in cyberspace. 

You must not take action after you are exposed to certain bugs instead you must take proactive steps to stay secure all the time. Here are some precautionary tips to follow:

  1. Never Click on Links in Messages

Hackers send malicious links in messages that can take you to fraudulent websites and install spyware or malware into your system. You must never click on such links until you are sure it is from a known source.

  1. Run Regular Updates Regularly

Redundant software cannot protect you from the latest security vulnerabilities and cyberattacks. With regular updates, you can patch your security issues to avoid being affected by malicious actors.

  1. Use PurePrivacy 

Social media management is not easy when it comes to privacy and security. Engaging with unknown people can compromise your private data. 

PurePrivacy helps you monitor your social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to create a privacy score exclusive to your account. This helps you take proactive steps by following the recommendations given by PurePrivacy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Did Facebook fix the friend request glitch?


    Yes, Facebook immediately acknowledged and fixed the glitch, while apologizing to the users whose privacy was compromised.

  • How do I stop accidentally sending friend requests on Facebook?


    You can follow the steps mentioned below to stop the request sent accidentally:
    Tap the icon in the top right corner of Facebook, then tap your name.
    Select Friends.
    Tap See All next to Friend requests.
    Tap the icon in the top right corner.
    Scroll down and tap View sent requests.
    Find the user for whom you want to cancel the request sent.
    Tap "Cancel" mentioned below their name.

  • When you scroll past someone's story on Facebook do they know?


    No, if you scroll past someone's story on Facebook, they won't know. Simply scrolling past a story doesn't count as viewing it. They can only see who has actively clicked and viewed their story.

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Bugs, Virus and Threats: Your Way to Online Presence

You can be exposed to many cyber threats when you are online, even when you are not aware of it. 

Just a basic social media presence can expose your private details with those whom you do not wish to interact with. 

All in all, adopting the best privacy practices and using privacy tools is your best choice to stay protected.