How to Turn Off Batch Mentions on Facebook

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  • 8 April 2024
  • 11 mins read

If you regularly use Facebook, it can be super annoying when a group admin tags everyone in Facebook posts with the @everyone tag.

Honestly, many of us found this annoying when someone tags you with the whole group to get you to view a post in which you have no interest whatsoever. You can also disable this feature if you're among those who just can't tolerate @everyone tags.

Learn how you can turn off batch mentions on Facebook in this guide!

What is the Purpose of the Batch Mentions Feature on Facebook?

Facebook Group administrators can find the @everyone tag useful. Let's take an example where you want to invite every member of your group to a livestream event you are organizing on Facebook Live. 

The @everyone tag is useful because it is intended for this purpose.

This feature allows you to tag every member of the group in a single post. As a result, group administrators are currently using it because it's an incredibly important function.

Now you know why Facebook admin groups continue to use the feature if you've been wondering.

How to Turn Off @everyone or Batch Mention Tag

Here we discuss the various methods by which you can turn off batch mentions on Facebook.

From Account

Without leaving the Facebook group, you can disable the annoying alerts from your Facebook account on your desktop or PC by following these steps:

In Desktop

Step 1: Open your preferred browser, go to, and click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen.

Navigate to facebook profile

Step 2: Select Settings & Privacy.

navigate to facebook account settings

Step 3: Next, select Settings.

Go to facebook settings

Step 4: Use the search function or scroll down to Notifications.

Navigate to notification area

Step 5: Next, select Tags.

Navigate to tag option area of facebook

Step 6: Toggle the Batch Mentions button to disable it.

turn off batch mention on facebook account


Without leaving the Facebook group, follow these instructions to disable the irritating notifications on your mobile phone app:

Step 1: Go to Facebook and open it. If not, log in and use your DP on the right side of the screen to navigate to Settings.

Navigate to facebook profile on app

Step 2: Press on Settings & Privacy.

navigate to facebook settings

Step 3: Press the Settings button.

Navigate to facebook settings

Step 4: Select Notifications.

Navigate to facebook settings option

Step 5: After that, tap Tags.

Navigate to facebook tags option

Step 6: Toggle the Batch Mentions option to disable it.

Stop batch mention from facebook app
Batch mentioned stop from app

From Page

You can turn off batch mentions from the Facebook page on a web browser or app using your desktop or mobile phone.

In desktop

Step 1: Click the arrow in the top right corner of your Facebook homepage.

Navigate to facebook profile

Step 2: Select "Settings & Privacy" and then "Settings".

Navigate to facebook account settings option

Step 3: In the left-hand menu, find and click on "Notifications".

navigate to notification settings area of facebook

Step 4: Scroll down the notification settings page until you find the "Tags" section.

go to tags section

Step 5: Click the toggle switch next to it to turn it "Off". This disables notifications specifically for posts using "@everyone".

stop batch mention


Step 1: Open the Facebook app, log into your Facebook page, and tap the three horizontal lines icon (or hamburger menu) in the bottom right corner.

Go to page menu section

Step 2: On the menu screen, scroll down and find "Settings & Privacy." Tap on it to open the settings menu.

Navigate to page settings option

Step 3: Then, tap on "Profile Settings."

Navigate to facebook page settings

Step 4: Once you are there, go down to “Notifications.”

Go to facebook notification settings

Step 5:  Under the notification settings, find the section titled "Tags."

Navigate to tags notification settings option

Step 5: To limit who can tag you in general, select "Friends" or "Friends of Friends." By doing this, notifications for random "@everyone" mentions are reduced.

set notification to friend of friend

Step 6: Find the option labeled "Batch @everyone mentions." Tap the toggle switch next to it to turn it "Off." This disables notifications specifically for posts using "@everyone."

stop btach mentions on facebook

From Group

Following are the methods to turn off batch mentions notifications from Facebook groups on mobile and desktop versions.


Step 1: Choose a random group, click join, and then click manage notifications.

Step 2: From there you are going to check the post to see how you are notified of this community's post.

group settings

Step 3: Scroll down to access batch mentions.

Step 4: Get the batch mention notifications off by toggling off the button in front of the batch mentions.

stop batch mention

In desktop

If you want to remove the batch notifications from the Facebook group on the computer, it does not work the same as the mobile app. 

When you go to the managed notifications, you do not find batch mentions this way.

stop batch mention ondesktop
request notification from facebook group

You have to follow the same process as for turning off batch mention notifications from your Facebook account or page.

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Screenshot of PurePrivacy's homepage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What do Facebook batch mentions mean?


    Facebook's batch mentions tool lets you mention several people at once in a post, comment, video, story, or reel. If you want to draw in a lot of individuals at once, this can be helpful.

  • Within a Facebook group, how do I mention everyone?


    To tag every member of a group, you must be an admin. By adding "@everyone" to a group post or remark, you can tag every member in the post. It is best to use tagging carefully in groups because it can make members feel as though you are spamming them.

  • How is tagging different from mentioning on Facebook?


    In a nutshell, a tag is a means to identify that you were with someone, and a mention is for when you want to talk about someone. Mentions are useful for groups, corporate pages, and even individual accounts.

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Get Control Over Your Facebook Notifications!

You've made a big step toward managing your Facebook notification clutter by disabling batch mentions. In your groups, there will be no more continuous beeps for each "@everyone" shout-out.

Facebook provides a variety of notification options that you can further investigate to customize your experience. In addition, for even more precise control over your Facebook alerts, take into account programs like PurePrivacy's Social Privacy Manager. 

Facebook may become a platform that not only tells you when you want it to but also helps you customize it with a few simple settings.