How to View Someone’s Instagram Story When They Have Blocked You

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  • 15 April 2024
  • 5 mins read

To view someone’s Instagram story if they blocked you is not possible in a direct way, but there are some ways you could try. The blog will guide you in detail on how to do it.

Ways to View the Instagram Story of Those Who Blocked You

  1. Make a Fake Account

You can try making another account if the user says no to your follow request. Pick a different name, add some pictures, and maybe some posts to make it look real. But don't connect your contacts or phone number to avoid giving yourself away.

  1. Check Other Social Media

Some people share their Instagram stories on other sites like Twitter or Facebook. Look for them there to see if they've posted the same stuff.

  1. Ask a Mutual Friend

If you know the same people, ask one of your mutual friends to show you what's on the private account, which sounds weird to be honest.

  1. Using Third-Party Tools

Various tools are available that reveal information about your social media profiles. 

Although not advisable, they could be used to track someone’s Instagram stories but leak your private information.

Remember to be respectful and not push too hard to see someone's private stuff. Everyone deserves their privacy!

How to Know If You Are Blocked from Someone’s Story on Instagram

The simplest way to check if someone has blocked you is to use another account to see if their story appears there. If it does, you're likely blocked on your main account. Some other ways are:

  • Ask friends to check: Get your friends to check the person's story. If they can see it but you can't, it's a strong sign you've been blocked from viewing their stories.
  • Notice a sudden absence of stories: If you used to see someone's stories regularly but they suddenly disappear, it could mean you've been blocked or hidden from their story viewers list.
  • Profile visit issues: If you're getting error messages like "no internet" or "user not found" when visiting their profile, it might mean you've been blocked. However, it could also mean the user deactivated their account.

Look for messaging clues: If you don't see the "seen" status on your messages, can't follow them, or get unfollowed immediately, it could suggest a block. But these signs don't always mean you're blocked from viewing stories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do you follow someone who blocked you on Instagram?


    If someone has blocked you on Instagram, you can't follow them using the same account. However, you can send a follow-up request if it's a private profile, not a block. If they approve it, you can see their profile and posts.

  • What does a blocked person see on Instagram?


    When you block someone on Instagram, they can still see your likes and comments on posts from public accounts or accounts they follow. However, they won't be able to mention your username or tag you in anything.

  • Can someone block you on Instagram if you blocked them first?


    If you block someone on Instagram, they can still block you back. However, it might be tricky for them because they won't be able to find your profile in an Instagram search.

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Found the Story You Were Looking For?

You might be curious about viewing the story of the person who blocked you but you should follow the ethical practices at all costs. 

If someone is not interested in being your connection, you must respect their privacy. 
Plus, avoid using third-party applications to track others’ Instagram activities, as you will risk your personal data. Stay secure with PurePrivacy.