How to Limit the GPS Tracking on Your Phone to Increase Privacy

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  • 28 May 2024
  • 11 mins read

Ever feel like someone's got eyes on you, even when you're alone?

It might not be paranoia. With millions using location tracking apps(growing at a CAGR of 14.97%) daily, our every move can be documented. 

While GPS has its benefits, the privacy implications are undeniable.

We'll explore why apps track you, the risks involved, and most importantly, how to take control. 

Let's go!

What is GPS Tracking? 

GPS tracking is the method of locating an object or entity by tracking a Location using the Global Positioning System (GPS).

The technology can pinpoint the target's longitude, latitude, ground speed, and course direction.

How Does GPS Tracking Work?

Tracking an object or device's location using the global positioning system (GPS) involves the usage of over (30) satellites in orbit. A GPS tracker receives signals from GPS satellites that are used to get exact Location data.

Who Is Tracking My Phone?

Smartphones track location and activity through Bluetooth, IP addresses, and GPS. They also offer standard functions like Google Maps and restaurant searches. In general, this tracking can be helpful and harmless.

Businesses and advertisers use tracking to target individuals with advertising based on their browsing history. This data is combined among millions of individuals to deliver tailored advertisements.

Reasons for Disabling Your Smartphone's GPS Tracking 

Mobile devices are a part of our lives today. We use them for business, social interactions, and more. As online dating applications and GPS-tracking devices that may track location with a phone number have become more popular, safety and privacy are more crucial than ever.

There are several reasons why someone would want to prevent others from tracking their GPS location; these reasons could relate to their personal or professional life.

Some people may wish to stay hidden from their partner or loved one, who might not trust them and be interested in knowing their whereabouts often. Some people might not want their violent ex-partner to know where they live or work. They might have this situation.

Thankfully, there are methods available to learn how to prevent GPS tracking. And minimize this attack on your privacy. 

3 Ways to Turn Off Your GPS Device's Tracking

  1. Disable Location Services

Though it might seem obvious, sometimes we must be reminded of life's small things.

On an iPhone

You have two options: disable location services completely or set preferences for certain apps. 

To grant particular apps access to your location, take the following actions:

  1. Navigate to Settings and keep scrolling down until you get an alphabetical list of all the apps.
  1. Select the application and then select "Location" from the menu at the top.
  1. You can select Never, Ask Next Time, When I Share, While Using the App, or Always.

The following steps can be taken to completely disable location services, which is the most effective way to prevent hidden tracking devices from monitoring your app activity:

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services.
  1. Pressing the switch button to disable location services and selecting "Turn Off" when prompted. This will eliminate all GPS tracking rights.

It's important to remember that if all location settings are off, some apps will not function correctly. Older operating systems may have different instructions.

On an Android Device

Follow these procedures to turn off location monitoring on an Android phone:

  1.  Navigate to Settings.
  1. Click “Connections” or “Privacy,” depending on which option is accessible on your device.
  1. Choose “location” and press the button to turn it off.

To stop sharing your phone's location, you can also go to the bottom and select "Google Location Sharing."

 2. Turn Off GPS And Cell Radio Signals

Usually, all it takes to do this is to turn on the phone's "Airplane Mode" function. 

However, you can't track your phone as easily when it's in airplane mode because it blocks your GPS signal and interferes with your phone's regular network provider connection.

When traveling, Airplane mode is a great way to avoid being followed. Also, it's simple to turn off the internet when you need some quiet time. 

3. Disable GPS Location Tracking

A lot of smartphones come with this feature, which enables your carrier service unrestricted access to track everything you do on the device, including where you are at all times.

On an iPhone

Follow these instructions to turn off Precise Location on your Apple devices:

  1.  Navigate to Location Services under Settings > Privacy & Security.
  1. Choose the app you want from the list below and turn off "Precise Location" after turning on Location Services.
  1.  You must go through this again for any app you want to turn off.

On an Android Device

The wording may change from one Android phone to another. Generally speaking, you'll finish the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Location, or select Location by swiping down from top to bottom.

2) Select Permissions for Apps.

3) After selecting your preferred app, turn off Precise Location.

4) To disable tracking for any additional apps, follow these steps again. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a GPS Tracking Device?


    GPS tracking devices, which are attached to cars or assets, communicate with satellites to obtain accurate location information that may be saved or analyzed.

  • What dangers come with GPS Tracking?


    Potential stalkers could track victims; trackers could secretly install tracking software on a person's phone.

  • Does airplane mode hide your location?


    Airplane Mode does not disable your device's GPS. However, because it prevents internet connection, your device does not update its location on the internet.

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While your phone's location tracking can be useful for many apps, you can also control it for privacy reasons.

This guide explained how to turn off GPS tracking on both iPhones and Android devices.

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