How to Stop Location Tracking on iPhone: 5 Easy Methods

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  • 10 June 2024
  • 9 mins read

We all know our iPhones are powerful tools, but have you ever considered how much information they collect, especially regarding your location?

Concern is high: 81% say they feel very or somewhat concerned with how companies use the data they collect about them.

Location services are super helpful for navigating new places, finding friends, or ordering food delivery. 

But have you ever wondered how many apps sneakily track your location in the background?

In this guide, we'll explore how to manage location tracking on your iPhone, giving you more control over your privacy with PurePrivacy.

What is Location Tracking?

The technology used in location tracking identifies a device's location. It shows a location or limits it to a broad area using signals from cell towers, Wi-Fi networks, and GPS, among other things. This is useful for ride-sharing applications, navigation, and phone recovery.

3 Reasons for Disabling Your iPhone's Location Tracking 

  1. Save Battery Life

Location services use battery power to determine where you are. Turning it off when you don't need it can help your phone last longer on a charge.

  1. Control Your Privacy

Some apps don't need to know your location all the time. Disabling location tracking lets you choose which apps can access your whereabouts and when.

  1. Limit Targeted Ads

Some advertisers use your location data to target you with ads. Turning off location tracking may make it more difficult for them to track you online.

5 Easy Ways to Stop Your iPhone's Location Tracking 

  1. Turn off Location Services

It is possible to turn off location services on your iPhone by toggling the settings and stopping maps, Find My Friends, and Find My iPhone from tracking your location.

Step 1: Open your iPhone's "Settings." Locate and press the "Privacy" option.

Open your iPhone's "Settings
Navigate to privacy and security

Step 2: Select "Location Services" now and tap on it.

Select "Location Services"

Step 3: To turn off the locations, slide the button next to "Location Services."

To turn off the locations

     2. Turn off Location Tracking for Particular Apps

Turning off location for particular apps or using a third-party app to enable location tracking for specific apps are the two ways to disable iPhone location tracking.

Step 1: Go to "Privacy" after opening "Settings" as usual.

Go to "Privacy" after opening "Settings"
Go to privacy and security

Step 2: Don't flip it off when you go to "Location Services." As an alternative, the selection will list apps.

Don't flip it off when you go to "Location Services

Step 3: Select and customize the apps to suit your needs. The options are "Never," "While Using the App," and "Always."

Select and customize the apps to suit your needs

Using the first option, your location will never be sent to the applications. 

The second option only uses location data while a particular app is open. 

As the name suggests, selecting the "Always" option will cause your location to be tracked continuously.

      3. Turn Off the iPhone's Significant Locations

The iPhone keeps track of significant locations and places Siri frequently visits for suggestions. Use these instructions to stop this tracking.

Step 1: From the Home screen of your iPhone, open the "Settings" app.

From the Home screen of your iPhone

2: Go to the "Location Services" at the top of the screen after selecting the "Privacy" option.

Go to the "Location Services" at the top of the screen
turn on location services on phone

Step 3: Select "System Services" from the bottom.

Select "System Services" from the bottom

Step 4: Check for "Significant Locations." You must provide your password or touch ID to access the feature. Take it right away.

Check for "Significant Locations."

Step 5: Turn off "Significant Locations" by sliding the green slider. That's it, guys!

Turn off "Significant Locations" by sliding the green slider

    4. Turn off the Share My Location Service

Turn off "Share My Locations" on your iPhone to keep your location private and secure and to prevent others from tracking you.

Step 1: Go to your iPhone's "Settings" menu and select "Privacy."

Go to your iPhone's "Settings"
Go to privacy and security setting on phone

Step 2: Turn off the "Share My Location" option in Location services.

Turn off the "Share My Location" option
Share my location

    5. Turn off Location-Based Notifications or Alerts

Apple ads, suggestions, and notifications are among the location-based services available on iPhone. Take these actions to stop tracking:

Step 1: Go to your device's "Settings" menu and select "Privacy."

Privacy and security

Step 2: Select "System Services" after finding "Location Services."

Select "System Services"
System services

Step 3: You can turn off location-based services or alerts afterward.

You can turn off location-based services

Avoid Location Tracking to Stay Protected

PurePrivacy lets people choose whether to share their data by allowing them to track how their data is stored, how it is tracked online, and how to stop it.

It is your one-stop solution to better privacy management.

Use your smart phone freely

How Does Pureprivacy Work:

Limit Up on Targeted Advertising

Websites and applications use trackers like cookies and biometrics to build profiles of you. You can break free from this loop by using a tracker blocker. It prevents the domains of approved third-party trackers from interacting with the websites you visit, thus restricting ads.

Block the Collection of Unwanted Data

Trackers secretly gather information about your device, location, and online habits. This information may be used for some reason without your knowledge or consent. A tracker blocker prevents unwanted data transfer between domains.

Take Advantage of Unrestricted Website Access

Some websites may install tracking scripts improperly. By blocking tracking scripts, website loading times can be accelerated, and issues caused by unauthorized tracking techniques can be avoided. Thanks to this, you can explore the web efficiently and freely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the purpose of location tracking?


    Location trackers monitor people's and things' movements. When obtaining directions to an address, you likely use location tracking technology when using a map program like Google Maps or navigation software like Waze.

  • Can you tell if someone is tracking your location?


    Look for strange devices that might be GPS trackers, particularly under the vehicle. Watch out for any unusual behavior from your phone; rapid battery draining, overheating, or data spikes could be signs that you are being followed.

  • Why would someone track your location?


    While tracking a phone's position can be done for many unnoticed purposes, such as finding the location of a loved one, scammers and hackers may use phone tracking to try to get sensitive information.

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Defend Your Identity from Untrustworthy Parties!

You can manage location tracking on your iPhone for privacy concerns, even though many apps benefit from it.

This blog provided several simple methods for stopping location tracking on an iPhone.

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