How to Know if Someone Blocked You from Watching Your Instagram Story

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  • 17 May 2024
  • 10 mins read

How do you feel when you like somebody’s Instagram story content and can’t see them anymore? 

You must feel anxious! 

It might be possible that you unintentionally shared a meme that offended them. 

Before making any conclusions, find out how to break the code and determine whether you've been blocked from their Instagram Story.

Hints to Know that Somebody Has Blocked You from Viewing Their Instagram Story

The following are signs that someone has prevented you from seeing their Instagram story:

  • They have removed your username from their list of story viewers. Your username will not appear on their list if you are blocked from their story.
  • If you suddenly see a decrease in interactions with them, such as likes, comments, or direct messages, it may indicate that they have blocked you. 
  • If you cannot interact with someone's content, it could be because they have blocked you, which limits your ability to communicate with them.
  • If someone blocks you, you can't see their profile or posts on Instagram. Their account will no longer be visible when you search for it, and you will no longer be able to access their posts and stories.
  • You can still view the person who blocked you through the accounts of your mutual friends if you have mutual friends with them. But you won't be able to see the user's profile or engage with them directly.

Best Ways to Know if Someone Blocked You from Instagram Their Stories

Here are several possible methods for determining why you can't see someone's Instagram story.

To find out if someone blocked you on Instagram, quickly search for their profile and send a follow request.

To find out if someone blocked you on Instagram, quickly search for their profile and send a follow request.

If their account information and the number of posts they have shared are visible to you, but the posts are not visible in the display area, it is likely that they have manually blocked you from viewing their posts or stories.

The profile has either been deleted or deactivated if a search shows no results.

Searching Via Browser

Using any web browser, go to to access someone's profile. If you know the person you are looking for, enter their Instagram handle instead of "username." 

If you are logged in, an error notice stating "Sorry, this page isn't available" will appear. This indicates that you have probably been blocked, which is why you can't view their Instagram story.

Using an Alternative Instagram Account

Using an alternate account is the most straightforward way to determine if you've been blocked. If it does, your primary account will probably be blocked.

Asking Friends

Verify the person's story with your friends' accounts. If they can see it and you can't, it's big proof that you're blocked from seeing their story.

Using a Dummy Account

If you're blocked on Instagram, you can verify it by checking the person's story availability using a fake account. Instagram doesn't notify viewers when they are blocked from stories.

Following Them Again

Try to follow this person if you can view their profile. If you are blocked, you won't be able to follow them at all. You will be unable to hit the "Follow" button and can only view it if you give it a quick tap. 

They won't be notified that you attempted to follow them again. It can be annoying and fascinating to try to figure out why you can't view someone's Instagram story, but it's crucial to remember the significance of online safety. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How can I know if someone on Instagram has hidden their story from me?


    There are a few ways to discover whether someone has hidden their Instagram Story from you, even if it might not always be obvious. If highlights disappear, ask a friend, view their profile from another account, or follow them if they have a private account and you're not following them.

  • Is it possible to find out if I block someone from Instagram stories?


    You can block someone without notifying them, ban them, and remove their likes and comments from your videos and photographs. However, unblocking someone does not restore their prior likes and comments.

  • Even if they blocked me, can they still view my story?


    A blocked person can still view your profile, but they cannot access your posts, Stories, or highlights.

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Act Responsibly for Data Safety!

Unfortunately, there's no direct way to find out on Instagram whether you're blocked from viewing someone's stories. 

But you can get indications by combining several search techniques and maybe even utilizing a friend's account. 

Remember that these techniques don't ensure a conclusive response because the subject may have just stopped posting stories recently or hidden them from public access. 

It's better to respect their privacy and protect yours.